A/N: I'm Back!!!

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Hi, guys! So after a lot of thought and consideration paired with how much y'all loved this book as well as a lovely comment from a reader that reminded me of that, I have decided to come back and write more Jack!! The only thing different this time around is that I'm not going to go over-the-top with making every little detail super in-character so sometimes, he may be a bit OOC but I'll try my best lol ;) Obviously, since I have a lot of other books to update as well, I won't be able to update super regularly but again, I'll try to update at least sporadically - with short-ish intervals lol.

So yeah, honestly, this book - it just stuns me how much you guys love it. Like I never, ever imagined it would be this popular. It's just astounding and humbling, honestly :') So thank you guys! And I look forward to writing more Jack for you! ^_^

~ Sharon ~

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