43| She Was The One.

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43| The one .
*S M U T for the first bit but then its fine,I'm not good at smut my apologies ok Ly <3*

"It wasn't me! You know I wouldn't do that to you! I love you!" Luke's yells turned into a broken whisper. The pair of them gulped, Luke's jaw clenching as he stared at the girl he lost.

Tears pricked at both their eyes, and Annie refused to let them fall so she rubbed furiously at her eyes, getting rid of the stinging and the pain.

Luke took the step forward that brought the two closer, his hands cupping her face as he brought their lips together, pressing them firmly to one another as he felt Annie kiss him back.

When Luke felt Annie kissing back he knew she felt the same, she missed him to. She reached up on her tip-toes to get closer to his face, her hands gripping tightly on his shirt. 

His hands fell from her face, down her neck and sides to her waist, her butt and lifting up so her legs wrapped around his waste, her lips working just as hard as his own.

He set her down on the island, his hips bucking against hers causing her to whimper against his skin, her breath hitching as he started to kiss down her neck.

Her hands slipped under his shirt, tugging it up over his head and throwing it on the floor, snaking her head so she could kiss the sweet spot behind his ear, listening as a breathy sigh left his lips.

She ground her hips into his, grabbing the hair at the back of his head and pulling on it a little harder than she used to.

He had enough of her being in control, they were both pissed off and needed to get the steam out one way or another.

Annie chucked her own jumper off, slipping her fluffy socks off too as Luke reached for her bra, kissing her neck and collarbones as he slipped the material off.

He licked down her skin, the valley of her breasts as he left love bites once again, nipping and sucking on her tanned, smooth skin.

Annie was going to protest and tell him not to leave any marks but it just felt too good for her to say anything.

Annie's hands fumbled with the buckle of Luke's belt, slipping it off of him and dropping it by his feet, pressing and pulling to undo his jeans too.

Luke let out a satisfied groan when the tight material fell from his legs, along with his boxers which he kicked off quickly. Annie started pumping him slowly as their lips still worked, Luke's moving down to her neck, small breathy moans leaving his lips.

After a moment he pulled her wrist away, placing it beside her as he slipped his fingers beneath the thin fabric of her panties, tugging them down her legs and dropping them to the floor.

He moved his hands toward her inner thigh, smirking to himself as her breath hitched, her nails digging into his back harshly.

He dipped his finger into her entrance, watching with lust as her face contorted with pleasure, her hips rolling up to meet his touch as she closed her eyes. Her head lolled back, mouth a memorable 'o' shape which made Luke lose his mind.

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