(1) School Again?

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"Wake you bey! School is today," my sister Solange said.

"I know, I know," I groaned. I looked at my alarm clock and kicked the covers off. "Solange! Why did you wake me up 10 minutes before we had to leave!"

"I was getting ready!" She laughed. "Should've has your alarm on."

"I did! I must've slept through it or something." I rubbed my face and then coughed. I got up slowly to get ready for school.

I went with shorts and a long sleeved shirt, finishing it off with some sandals.

After I was done, I went downstairs and grabbed a bagel. I put some strawberry spread on it before rushing out the door to the car.

"Damn it, I forgot my phone," I realized.

"Watch your mouth Beyoncé!" My mother yelled.

"Sorry mama, I'm just frustrated. Solange woke me up late... again!"

"If you would just wake up on time you would be okay," Solange says.

"Ugh!" I stormed off and got my phone from the living room. I heard the horn and rushed back outside to the car.

"Alright, buckle up and let's go!"

I kissed my mother goodbye as I got out of the car. My sister followed me as I walked into the school with my book bag hanged from one shoulder.

"So sis, what's up?"

"Solange, I just wanna say that today, I'm meeting my boyfriend." She whined.

"Nooo you said you would stay with me. I don't wanna hang out with rihanna and Amber!"


"Because Rihanna has a big crush on you and she's always talking about you."

"She does not!" I laughed. Solange was only making this stuff up like she always does.

"Yes she does! And I'll prove it to you. Come to the table we sit at and sit by her at lunch."

"Okay, but first I wanna meet my boyfriend."

"You know he's not really your boyfriend right? We just met him in class yesterday."

"Okay but he's cute!"

"That doesn't mean he's your boyfriend! And you know that you don't really meet him... you just stare at him as he sits alone looking into space." She had a point.

Owen was this new student we had at school and he was very mysterious. I didn't know him that well and I don't know what he sounds like but he's so cute. The only factor I can say is he's short and has an ass on him... which is weird but his looks make up for it.

"We're here," Solange says. "I'll see you later sis," she kissed my cheeks and walked off.

I looked at Owen and smiled. Why was he so cute? I felt butterflies as he walked the other way. I want to talk to him but I can't. I freeze up. I ran a hand through my dark brown hair and sighed.

"Beyoncé!" I looked over and saw rihanna.

"Why aren't you with Solange?"

"I wanted to talk to you..."

"You did?" I put my hands on the side of my backpack straps.

"Listen, i-I like you a lot." Oh no.

"Listen rih... you're a nice girl... I'm just not you know-" I stopped. "Gay."

"If you ever wanna experiment, you know where you can find me."she winked before walking away.


Rihanna walked away making me sigh. I didn't wanna hurt her feelings like that... or maybe she isn't hurt. I started to walk to my first period class and it just so happen to be with Owen.

I found myself sitting in the seat behind him and staring at his black slick backed hair. I noticed a little freckles on his caramel face and wondered what his skin felt like. He had long eyelashes and dark brown eyes. He always had a hoodie on so I couldn't see what he was wearing. The Hoodie was loose and long so I couldn't even tell if he was packing something under there. Not that I'd wanna know...


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