[LIAD] Chapter 6

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[5] Shion doesn't mind being perceived as aloof by other people.

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Shion's POV

It was eleven forty-five in the evening and I was eating my dinner and at the same time, my breakfast. Haru was sleeping, and I was in the kitchen consuming my food, while reading a scroll about my clan. [There will be a special chapter about her clan. Please be patient]

Kakashi said not to eat the first meal of the day. He didn't uttered that we couldn't eat during the last minutes of this day.

After eating my food, cooked by myself ever since I learned that Haru couldn't cook to save his life. I washed the dishes I used and walked towards the living room and sat on the couch, being engulfed by my thoughts.

An amount of time passed after I started thinking and decided to get some sleep before heading towards the training ground. I turned off the lights of the kitchen and the living room. I looked at Haru's bedroom door and decided to check out on him. I didn't expected him to be a normal sleeper.

He was sleeping sideways and hugging a pillow with his lamp switch on. I sighed and trudged my way silently, to turn it off. I looked at the sleeping male and I noticed tears. 'He's having an unpleasant dream'

I frowned and sat by his bed. I rested a hand on his head and made it glow green. I learned basic medical jutsu to heal minor injuries or to relieve headaches and such.

After a few moments, I stopped and placed my hand on my lap. I looked at Haru whose troubled expression left for a solemn one to dominate his features and wiped his tears. Throughout these days, I began to get attached to Haru and started to warm up to him, not too much yet.

His boastful, yet kind personality makes you want to stay by his side and watch as he commits chucklesome troubles in kitchen or doing domestic chores.

I stood up and exited the room, closing the door in the process. I entered the door across his and entered. It was my bedroom. It was pretty much empty, besides the bed, the curtains, the closet, the bedside table and the desk beside the door.

I sighed and walked my way towards the bed. I sat on its edge and turn my alarm at half past nine.

I knew Kakashi wouldn't be in the training ground at the exact time he had given to his soon-to-be genin, so I won't bother to wake up at six and wait for him for at least four hours to show up. It was a waste of time and energy.


It took me quite some time to convince Haru to leave me and spend his free time to his own will and not to stick by my side, since he had no missions for today and I had to go to the training ground to take the test Kakashi prepared.

We settled into an agreement which was that he would escort me through the way towards the training grounds and then, pass his time relaxing or strolling around the village and staying away from duties and such.

Right now we entered the bakery to which I would visit daily.

"Shion-chan! Welcome back! The usual for today, too?" Chuya-san, greeted me with a smile. I always ordered the cream puffs and the curry bread with jasmine tea, but this time, I didn't take my habitual request.

I shook my head and spoke up "No, Chuya-san. I won't be taking the usual. Please give me four melonpan, five tonkatsu sandwich, one sweetened bread roll, one sausage bread and ten cream puffs" I listedy order, while the baker wrote it down. "Separate some of the order in another container" I instructed her and she nodded.

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