Chapter 1: Boring Start

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"ВСТУПАЙТЕ КАПИТАЛИСТОМ СКАМ, ВАША МАТЬ НЕ ЛЮБИТ ВАС И ВАШЕ РАЗОЧАРОВАНИЕ ВАШЕМ ОТЦУ Я видел твоих капиталистических президентов, которые сделали больше хитов!" Edwards alarm blared at him. "Hehe, i forgot that was my alarm." He said half awake, bending over his bed to his dresser to dismiss his phone. He got up slowly and rubbed his face, thinking of his course of action to start the first day of high school. He got up and changed from his sleeping clothes to casual dress, unplugged his phone from its charger, and slipped a pack of american spirits in his pocket. He exited his room, closing the door behind him. He opened the door to his bathroom and walked to the sink. He ran the water and splashed it on his face. He looked into his eyes. They were black but white. They glinted like a black petunia.

His hair ate any light that hit it aswell

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His hair ate any light that hit it aswell.   He walked down to the kitchen, and sat at the table. He looked at the stick of Kilkenny butter on the table. He thought it was funny that he still after all these years had a very slight Irish accent. Sometimes when angered, a fully vocalized, and strong irish accent. He had lived in ireland since he was a boy, but moved in with his uncle in arizona after his parents died in a mishap between the IRA and the English Army. He didn't remember much about his family, and wasn't told much either. The mishap had been a G15 Classified case, so he was told and shown very little of them. While lost in thought, which was the state he most often is in, a loud stomping came behind him. "Well look at you being all skulky and mean. Why? Do you hope it rains today, frog boy?" His 6 year old sister was a gigantic brat, with a loud mouth, that she doesn't know how to shut. "Can i please just have breakfast in peace?" Edward moaned. "Nope!" proclaimed Saoirse, his twat of a sister. "He absolutely can have breakfast in peace!" Came a voice thundering from the hall. Edward turned around, to behold a steampunkish, polished man. His uncle. "Saoirse i have told you innumerable times to leave your brother alone!" "Well i guess i will, William!" They snarled at eachother, as saoirse sat down opposite Edward on the table. "Now, what would you like for breakfast Edward!" "Just the norm." He said in his deep and booming voice. "Alright, and for you saoirse?" all previous anger forgotten. "I would like a cream parfait, with blueberries," "saoirse," uncle Will interjected. "With perfectly golden brown toast," she went on, making it unnecessarily complex. "Saoirse I'll have you know im not Gordon Ramsay!" Uncle Will said in a bit louder voice. "Alright," she skulked "just what frog boys having." Uncle Will shook his head as he heard frogboy, giving up to tell her not to call Edward such things. Edward looked at will as he cooked, his silky long black hair complimented his long, buffalo bill style goatee. "So Edward, were you able to get a referral to Ms Shull?" He asked from the stove. Edwards eyes rolled back into his head, and leaned against his chair with a loud thud. He completely forgotten. Miss shull was the freshman counciler for his new high school. He thought back to the blur that was the night before, he was celebrating the very last day of summer with his only friend, Josh Harding. He left his paper on joshes coffee table, right before he took the largest bong hit known to mankind. "Im sorry, i left it at joshes house." Edward said apologetically. "Thats alright, we'll get it tomorrow." He said optimistically. "Alright!" Uncle Will said effervescently. "Breakfast is ready!".
Edward was nervous. His very first day in high school. "There will be calculus, 5 hour lectures, embarrassing gym class, bullies, this is going to be great!" Edward thought sarcastically. As the school was coming into view, he got an extremely strong feeling in his stomach. As if a giant moth, was trapped in edwards bowels, flapping desperately to escape. Will pulled into the parking lot, and stopped at the entrance to the school. Before will could say anything, edward said " i know, kickass and take names." "Bah, you know me well." Said will. "Just know, you are smarter than all of those kids combined." Said will. "I know." Edward replied. "Slay humble." Said will in an encouraging way. "Okay.". Edward got out of the way. Slay humble was a commonly used phrase in their household, although not something will would think of when hearing the word, inspire. But that was beyond edward. Who knows why he says it. By then edward had made it to the front doors. The further into the school he went, the more people there were, the more he felt as if hos life wasnt real, and was all a dream. The only thing that made edward snap out of it was josh. He was brandishing a brand new letterman jacket, probably gifted to him from the other jocks, as a, "welcome to high school" type thing. "Hey!" Josh yelled across the room, which was quite large with pillars running from the floor all the way to the ceiling of the school. "Hey!" Edward replied. "Howve you been man?" Josh asked. "You say that like we haven't seen each other in months." Edward replied. "Yeah, you know me too well..." He laughed. "Hey man, are you still high from last night?" Edward let out a hearty laugh, "No im not. Those were some monstrous hits though." Edward replied. The rest of the jocks were motioning josh to them. "Well, I'll see you." "Yeah you too!". Edward made way to his first class. As he saw the gym a familiar unsafeness, washed over him. He looked down telling himself it wouldn't be as bad he think it will be. A sudden force hit him, he looked up and realized he had bumped into someone. "Hey, watch it!" a particularly mousey looking boy yelled, "Sorry!" Edward said back. As he walked to gym, a teacher advanced on him and said "Nothing in the gym for a week." This news left Edward visibly perkier, "thank you!" He said "The classroom is just across the hall on the roght." Edward crossed the hall, and entered the class. (Fill in with story). Edward progressed through the day, and towards the end, he saw a strange sight. His old middle school bully was sitting with the special ed kids, seeming very frantic and nervous. Edward walked over to him causally, pretending to go to his next class, yet wanting to be called out by him. It was successful. He got up from the table and called, "Hey! Hey edward," edward stopped to say hello. "I just wanted to say, that, im sorry." He said apologetically. "I just wanted to let you know allthat shit, in middle school, i didn't mean it." He almost looked as if was to break in tears, "its alright dude, thank you..." Edward said awkwardly. "Whats all this?" Edward pointed to the special ed table. "Yeah i, i..." If he was going to break in tears now was the time. "I over the summer, thought that it would be cool to, try heroin, and it wasn't..." He looked so anxious, you'd think he was being tied to a streetlight, naked. "So, now im with them.." "Damn, im sorry dude." Edward replied empathetically. He was shaking fairly hard, and scratching at himself in the process. In a loud whisper behind him, the same mousey boy he had bumped into that morning, said "Look at that freak!" Pointing towards (insert bully name). The mousey boy, then did an over exagerated impression of (insert name), shaking wildly, whilst furiously scratching at himself. (I sert name) slowly stopped scratching, then looked down, obviously trying to block mouse boy out. "Hah, good one Jay!" In the same loud whisper. "I should probably go..." He said as he ran of to the bathroom. (Fill with story) the school day had ended, and Uncle Will was stuck in traffic, so Edward thought it a perfect time to end his very anxious school day off with an American Spirit dark green. He walked around to the back of the school, and staked out a spot to smoke. The trick to smoke spot finding is determined by three main factors, 1: out of the way. 2: something you wouldn't look twice at, and 3: in plain sight. The spot edward found was perfect, just out of sight from the road, in the shade, and not to far from the bike racks, so one could make a speedy escape on a bike if seen by security. Edwards intuition was correct. This day was a lot more stressfull than he had imagined. Edward pulled a ciggarete out of the package, and lit it up. Every muscle in his body started to relax, with all his anxiety flowing out of him with a light shiver. The menthol crystals from the ciggarete, smoothed and caressed his throat, and lungs. By the time he was halfway down the fag, all his anxiety dissapeared, and his brain recharged. Edward decided to finish it, as it had been a long day, and the menthol, at the very least, gave him the illusion of being cold. Once the ciggarete was merely a vatcho, he spit on it and threw it in the trash. Edward never littered. Edward felt as though he could take on the world. Like nothing was holding him back. His phone suddenly rang, and when he answered it he realised that it was uncle will. He said to come down to the car, he had arrived. Edward plucked his anti-smell spray out of his pocket, sprayed the air a few times and walked through the mist. He walked back to the parking lot to see that his uncle was there waiting for him. Its amazing how he doesnt get hot, when hes wearing a long sleeve shirt, and a canvas vest, and corduroy pants, in 100 degree heat. He got in the passanger seat, expecting an enthusiastic "how was your day". Sure enough, uncle will in his preppiest voice, said, "How was the first day back?" "Good." Edward replied. "Well theres got to be more than that!" "Well, i guess there was one thing interesting." "Your killing me, what is it?" "My old middle school bully is now in rehab for heroine." Edward said, waiting for uncle wills reaction. "Really? Well thats unfortunate." "Yeah...". One thing edward really enjoyed about the car, was that it was very cold, compared to the outside. They made it back to the house, a lot cooler and tired. Uncle will got out of the car, visibly freezing, whilst edward was still fairly warm. Edward hoisted up his 20 pound backpack, and started to walk inside. When out of the corner of his eye, eye saw an almost puriwiute of fire. He looked to where he had seen it yet alas, saw nothing. Edward just asumed it was a mirage. Mirages were quite common there. He continued into the house, yet again saw something strange out of the corner of his eye. He looked over once more, to behold a dark, thick cloud were he had seen the fire before. Reaching out to the gods, he prayed that that cloud sould cover the sun for at least 1 minute, before it was burned up. He once more started into the house, uncle will behind him. "So any homework?" Uncle will said carefully. "No homework on the first day." Edward said, slightly more enthusiastic. "Awesome!" Uncle will said, completely out of character. Edward dropped his backpack off at the couch, and went into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich. He ate the sandwich and a microwaved burrito, then went up to his room. He sat down on his leather couch, and started up his PlayStation. He loaded the game he could always go to, a game called, Dark Souls. While the entire soulsborne, series was amazing, dark souls, and dark souls 2 were his favorite. (Fill with story). Edward turned off the playstation and went to lay in his bed. He looked at his phone, to see it was almost 8:00. He got up to eat dinner. When he sat down at the table, he heard behind him a familiar lispy voice. "Hey frogboy." His stepsister sat at the table. "Whats for dinner?" Molly asked. "I dont know." Edward replied slightly amused just at the thought of, what he considered, his retarded sister. Just then Uncle Will burst open from the back door, he was obviously in his shop. He was a hobbiest blacksmith, hoping to go full time, yet was too good at contracting and surveying to actually do so. "Sloppy joes!" He said without leaving the door. "Comeon!" He said waving his arm outside. Edward got up and went outside with Molly behind him. Once out side he sat on one of the wooden recliners that scattered the back yard and watched uncle will cook. It had gotten dark enoigh that you could see a few stars in the sky. Theres hardly anything that Edward liked about the desert, but one thing he did like was how tranquil and peaceful the nighttime was. Edward looked toward the sunset. That was one of the things that Edward liked. The sunset. "Sloppy Joes are ready!" Uncle Will proclaimed. Edward got up and served himself some dinner. He sat back down on the chair to eat. As he ate, the sun went down. Petit Biscuits song Sunset Lover stuck in his head. By the time he was done eating it had gotten exceptionally dark, Uncle Will having to start a campfire to keep things bright. Edward looked skyward to behold an unusual amount of stars. "Will, am i seeing things or is there a great amount of stars in the sky tonight?" Edward said. "You know what there are." Said Uncle Will curiously. It looked as if there were on mars, the desolate, desert landscape, with millions of stars above them. Other than the sky looking like alaska in the dead of winter, Edward couldn't think of anything else strange happening today. He got up for another sloppy joe, laying strawberry/jalepeno jam heavily over his bun. Edward pored himself some chili, that he hadnt seen before, grabbing some cornbread and a bag of fritos that Will had bought for the occasion. Will knew that today would be stressful for edward. He aslo knew frito pie was edwards favorite food. Once he finished dinner, he went up to bed. (Fill with a few days, and drama). Edward put on his sleeping clothes and started to bed. But before, he went to go look out his open window at the moon. For the first time in his life, edward felt happy to be warm. He looked out at the arid, rocky environment, and thought to himself, this isnt that bad. He then went to sleep. A peaceful, dreamless, sleep.

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