VII: There's a Garden Through the Gate

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Quietly, she wept.

She covered her mouth as she did, as not to alarm anyone outside. She cried until she felt like she'd run dry, out of tears left to give, letting the water pour over her. Its warmth dripped down her body and wrapped her in a cocoon of comfort in the absence of her husband. The moment of sorrow faded away for now, leaving her yearning for any semblance of calmness, and normalcy.

She was so focused on the water gushing from the spout that she didn't hear the rings of the curtain pull aside, and another person step into the tub.

An affectionate touch at her back made her gasp; her vertebrae curling upward as she arced into the light fingertips that traced over her back. She didn't realize just how much she needed this intimacy, this physical contact until he kissed at her wet shoulders and a chill trickled down to her core. Vulnerable and starving for her lover, she thrived on the reward of this unexpected meeting.

They traced over her spine, spreading outward to her waist until he traveled up at her sides, and back down her form. The massage was just as soothing as the rushing water, squeezing and kneading the pain from her tender muscles. Diana's knees were weak, but she held herself steady, letting these mysterious hands rove over her. As her long, soaked tresses were shoved aside, lips found her neck, softly nipping at one of her favored spots. His hands traveled over her naked body, eventually snaking around to her breasts. Cupping them with a firm grasp, he lightly pinched at her already peaked nipples.

Diana moaned quietly as her eyes fluttered shut. Her core was pounding, the walls of her heat contracting, and ran slick with her own thick essence in preparation of this heated affair. The hairs of a grizzly beard tickled her shoulder, causing her to tense with a small giggle. He grinned, nuzzling deeper into the crook of her neck, before licking and ravenously biting at her neck in ardent fervor.

"Mmm..." He groaned, sending a trickle of ecstasy through her.

His erection was pressed firmly at her lower back. One hand grasped her hip as he grinded against the mounds of her full, rounded ass. With one hand still stimulating her firm breasts, his other arm slithered around her waist. Nimble fingers trailed downward, stopping at the soft, sensitive area between her thighs. He stroked the outer flesh of her wet folds, before venturing between them. She felt the shape of his lips curve into a devious smile against her skin, and he began sucking at her neck again, groaning in pleasure at how she felt in his hands. Diana let out a sigh as he faintly stroked her bud, awakened by his intimate caress. She arched her back against his strong chest, her hand reaching up to tangle into his hair.

When he inserted his fingers into her slick sex, she was left breathless, her mouth agape. He eased her open with his index first, then a second, and finally a third after a while when he knew she could handle it. Her body quaked at this sensation, moving gracefully against his hand to show him she had been more than ready, anxiously wanting his cock to fill her. She squeezed at his wrist, placing her hand where she could feel where they were joined, at the base of his knuckles where his fingers disappeared into her core. Another needy whine left her lips.

He knew her body so well, expertly navigating through her heat. His fingers flexed and curled, reaching further to strike a tender and coveted spot that made her shudder. She was dangerously close to release, feeling the pressure welling up in her core. He knew the cues, the way her stomach flexed, the sounds she made before she came, that she was getting close, so he removed his hand completely. He turned her head to kiss her; his tongue delved into the hot, wet cavern of her mouth, exploring it fully as he used her essence to stroke himself behind her. She could hear him grunt and hiss slightly as his breathing hitched. He was touching himself, running his own hand over his length to coax his arousal to its fullest.

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