Chapter one

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Aerwyna Casandra's POV

Hello, my name is Aerwyna Casandra Harkness  (Aerwyna is pronounced Erwinah), and i have a secret. A secret nobody knows,except for two, my guardian Captain Jack Harkness and my father also known as The Doctor. I know what you'll think, why is my name Harkness when I'm The Doctor's daughter? Well, thats because we figured it was the safest thing for me to be called, especially since i am a TimeLord. Just like my father and... my mother. My mother was killed in the Timewar, so we don't talk about her... Her name was Aliah.

I wanted to stay on Earth with Jack and work for him at Torchwood 3 in Cardiff. But my father didn't agree at first, but i managed to convince him at last. So here I am with Jack, on my way to my new jobb at Torchwood. I look down at my left wrist, and I look at my very own Timevortex manipulator. It was a gift from my father. ''So you can come visit me or go visit Sigríður whenever you want.'' That's what he said when he gave it to me. The Timevortex manipulator is just like the one Jack has, except mine is actually working propperly. But I'm not allowed to use it unless it's for visiting dad or Sigríður.

'' So, I think it would be wize to have a coverstory ready for you.'' Jack's voice broke through my thoghts.

'' Yeah, probably. But what?''

'' I was thinking that you could be related to me in some sort of way. Like a daugther or a niece.''

'' Nobody's gonna belive that I'm your daughter.''

'' Why not? I think it could be convincing.''

'' Because you have a very american accent, while i have a very British accent... Like my parents.'' I hessitated a bit before i said the last part.

'' You're probably right. Say hi to your new uncle sweetheart.'' Jack said with a humoristic tone.

We laughed at the pour joke before Jack spoke again.

'' We're here.'' We stoped infront of a pourly locking tourist office kind of thing.

''you're kidding me, right?'' I asked with doubt in my voice.

'' Nope, I'm being completely serious.'' I looked at Jack, and it looked like he was enjoying this a lot.

'' Okay then, take me inn.'' He looked at me one last time before he opened the dor.

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