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"AHHHH!!!!!" The cage of black around Marcus snapped shut, making him squirm and scream as his bones snapped like twigs. Blood exploded through the black tendrils and spattered onto the white silk of my dress. Luna sunk into the shadows and in an instant she was behind Andrew, on the floor with a shadow dagger to his neck. "Wha- what?! WHAT ARE YOU?! GET OFF OF ME! HELP!!! HELP!!!"
"Nobody can help you." Luna said to him in Daemona, her fangs scraping across his ears slowly. "I've made the lift go to every floor as we walked out. Clever, isn't it?"

"You're... you're a devil, aren't you?" He whispered in terror, tears running off his face. "Oh I'm no one special, I assure you." I called, retracting my shadows and letting Marcus drop onto the floor like a rag doll. Sighing, I picked at the blood soaked fabric. "My dress is ruined now, thanks to him. Never mind." My dress turned a midnight black and swirled about. My eyes glowed at him. Andrew held the crucifix hanging on his neck. "And this?" Luna spoke from behind him, her shadows ripping it out of his grip. "Doesn't work on us, sorry." She giggled, scraping her sharp horns against his cheeks.

Now it was just us and Andrew, the bodyguards possibly alerted by his screams. We needed information after all. It wasn't just an assassination. "Now." I said, smiling with my fangs. "Who do you work with, Andrew? Are you an archeologist?"
"Y-yes! Christopher and Marcus were with me when we found the island! I promise I am!"
"Are you part of the DPA by any chance?"
"Wha- what is that? I don't know what you're talking about!"
I stared in eyes once more and my eyes flashed red. "Tell me. Are you part of the DPA?" His eyes went slack.

"Yes. Me, Marcus and Christopher are part of the DPA. We are not archeologists. We headed to Finland to investigate the recent sightings of Angels within the coastal area. However, we stumbled across an island that also piqued our interest."
"Keep asking him quest... They're coming Aurora! Hurry!"
The pounding of steps echoed through the silent room, throwing Andrew out of his trance. "HELP! HELP! THEY'RE HERE!" Andrew yelled, Luna snarling as she pressed the knife closer to his neck. "GET THEM BEFO-

She flicked her wrist, slicing the man's neck before he could finish his sentence. Blood splattered onto the floor. "Get ready! There are at least 5 of them!" She called in Daemona, moving the body out of her way as she leapt to her feet. "Mackenzie, get out the building as fast as possible! We've been breached!" Our shadows rose instinctively, mine constricting into spears of darkness. Luna's thrashed around, ready to kill.

There must of been 6 men barrelling towards us, their faces contort with fear as soon as they saw Marcus' mangled body. His bones bent in awkward places, a few poking out of the skin and flaring muscle beneath. Blood painted the floor. A few of the guards drew crosses on their chests as they saw me and Luna, their eyes stuck to us like glue.

"Sta-stand down!" One said, drawing a taser from his back pocket. Its prongs stared directly at me, blue strand of electricity flickering between them. He put his open hand onto his earpiece while looking at me, cautious of his movements. "All Units to the final floor. Mr Danes has been killed; evacuate the building. I repeat, Mr Danes has been killed; evacuate the—"
"How boring... I was expecting a decent fight at least."
I turned around to see Luna's eyes glowing with bloodlust and her horns had growing slightly. She looked at me, smirking with her pearly fangs. "Shall we, Aurora?" She thrusted her hand forward and one tendril surged forward at lightening speed, impaling numerous guards and slamming them against the wall.


Luna flung the corpses off, blood smearing across the walls and ceilings. "Ha...hahaha! Hahahahahaha!!! Feels so good to kill again!"
"Luna, you need to stop! We're attracting attention!" She whipped her head around to me, snarling and consumed in bloodlust. Luna didn't look like a human. She looked like a bloodthirsty animal. "WHY SHOULD I?! IT'S OUR MISSION ANYWAYS!" She stared back as more bodyguards marched up the stairs, carrying tasers and guns. "Yes! More to kill! Time to have some—"

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