Chapter 16- Boyfriend!!

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before we go further let me tell you peoples that there will be less Kai POV and more Shean POV plus there might be no explanation for Kai's behavior cause he is fucking rude Kai Williams who doesn't give explanation to any one. But yes please don't hate him, he is my baby!!

#Shean pov#

The smell of cheese sandwiches hit my nostrils making my stomach growl. I brewed some coffee and brought out cups and plates to serve the breakfast for myself. When I finished pouring my mug of coffee kai entered kitchen still in his sleeping clothes holding newspaper in one hand and with other he stole my cup of coffee. Damn! how come this man look so hot in the bed hairs too!! He sat down on chair reading newspaper while drinking coffee silently. I served him sandwich too, made myself another cup and sat down to eat.

It has already been three days since our engagement party and as it was expected the news was spread everywhere till the morning of next day. At first I thought everyone was only talking about 'cutest proposal' but I guess after getting some time to think they did hit the button of 'coming out' too. In that case also somewhere supportive whereas somewhere, you know, homophobic peoples.

I never understand why people would judge someone based on their sexuality. Who gave them the right to judge other person? Doesn't it means that we are at a better level if we judge someone, so what makes people think that they are better than someone? How can they call themselves better if they don't even understand the feeling of another person? I don't understand what they call love. Is love really something which can be limited in between the gender, caste or status of a person? Tell me, somewhere I heard, if men and women are only the object of desires then can they ever be bond in the bond of love? Is love really something that will see whether a person is beautiful or not, if the person is rich or poor, if the person is male or female? If yes then doesn't it mean that what we fell for is a beauty, money or a gender? Then is right to call it 'love' ? Because if you call that thing love then what I call love is totally a different thing. And I don't give a shit about other peoples opinion, what they think about me or what they will say about me? Because if they have enough time in their life to waste it on someone like me who in reality is their nobody in particular, then all  I'll say is thumbs up and go ahead. I don't mind but excuse me as I'm quite busy cause for me my life is too short.

But it has not only been three days for our engagement, it has also been  three days since my first proper kiss with kai. Because of that now I can't even look at him directly. Whenever I would look at his face, my eyes would automatically find their path to his lips and once his lips are in my view, my mind will go back and keep replaying the event of that night again and again making me unable to think straight. And then I would blush fifty shades of red. So I have been avoiding eye contact with him as much as possible. But kai, he was behaving as if nothing happened but its not like he is ignoring me also and to speak on that matter it was actually opposite. Just like now, when I am eating my sandwich I can feel his intense stare on me. It has been like this since then. He wouldn't say anything but still keep staring at me with those cold eyes and once when I tried to look back into his eyes I ended up looking back at ground in one second and blushing madly. I don't understand why he was doing this and I don't dare to ask. I kept munching on my sandwich under his gaze and tried to wander my mind somewhere else.

Somehow two days ago Kai's cook was absent and I made food for us. Kai never said whether he liked it or not but still it all ended up leading me in responsibility to cook for both of us daily. I agreed without any argument because I liked cooking and I was already habitual to cook for dad and jack and on that since I am leaving here I would feel less guilty if I can do something to help. I finished my breakfast and got up from my chair and at the same time doorbell rang,

"I'll get it." I said and ended kitchen. I opened the door to greet a man taller than me with hazel eyes and black hairs. He looked really handsome. But why did everyone I know have to be taller than me? Its not like I was short with my height of 5'8 but somehow my dad was 6'0, jack was 6'2, my soon to be father in law was also around 6'0 and please leave my soon to be husband out of this, he was 6'4!! And this person here was also around 6'3. Its so annoying.

"How can I help" I asked. He make a judging pose and looked up and down then said," so you are Shean for which kai is ready to leave me." That got my attention and I asked with a frown in my face "May I ask who you are?" He stared at me for a while and then said nonchalantly "No one in particular, I just his boyfriend."

Oh so he just his boyfriend, well that's fine.

Wait a minute, did I heard BOYFRIEND? At the same moment kai entered saying, " Who is it? Whats taking you so long." Before I could do anything that man walked past me and hugged kai saying, "oh darling, I missed you so much!! You should at least call your boyfriend once in a while." I only watched like an idiot as Kai hugged him back right in front of me and said, "Why are you here out of blue? You didn't even inform me that you were coming." The so called boyfriend of my finance chuckled and said, "well I wanted to surprise you."

They kept talking to each other as if I was invisible. He flirt with a another man right in front of my eyes. Giggling like that and acting all lovey dovey, he looked so happy with him.

"Why?" I spoke gaining their attention.

"Huh? What is the matter with you?" Kai asked me.

"Why did you asked to marry me if you already have a person you love? What is the reason behind it? Why didn't you marry him instead?" I found myself asking. His boyfriend burst into laughter at that. Of course he find it funny. Kai walked toward me and asked with a frown on his face, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"He is your boyfriend right? Why did you lie to me that you were straight? What is the meaning of all this?" I asked in a pained voice.

"Who is my boyfriend? Wait, What?" He turned around to look at his boyfriend who was still laughing and said addressing him, "Mark!! What the hell you told him?"

Mark raised his hands up in surrender and said while wiping his tears "Oh god Shean, your face is so priceless right now." And he burst into another laughter and after a minute kai joined him too. What the hell is happening here? 

"Shean why the hell are you marrying a jerk like him? If you change your mind I am always available." Mark said to me with a wink teasing kai. I blushed at his comment more to add up to my embarrassment. Kai growled at him "Fuck off, mark."

Mark is actually Kai's best friend and he pranked me. I should have been mad at him but he is so charming that I really couldn't.

"Possessive are we?" He teased kai and then said addressing me, "Shean this jerk here is actually a very possessive person. You should be careful not to push on his button." Didn't I already know it after that night. We talked for few more hours and I really liked mark. He is really a funny at the same time generous person.

I left a sigh of relief knowing that he was not his boyfriend. Why was I relieved? Well wouldn't I have felt like hell to marry someone who already love someone else but only have to marry me for some business. There is no other reason for my relief.

I glanced at clock and then it hit me, holy shit, I am late!!


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