Arrive at Palace

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" Hayato sama we arrive " Hellie ( Hayato driver )

" Thank you Hellie " Hayato express his  gratitude.

" Welcome Hayato sama" Hellie said

" Thank you Hayato brought us here " Tsuna express her gratitude.

Hayato turn his face to Tsuna.

" Welcome " Hayato said

" Thank you too bring me here " Tamami express her gratitude

Hayato cannot turn his face and even looking at Tamami face

" Why I cannot look at Tamami face " he felt his heart beating very fast to looking at Tamami face

His face become like red tomato.

Make Tamami have blush deeply on her face to see Hayato blush like red tomato.

" Welcome " Hayato low voice said

" Hmm" Tsuna said

" Sorry Tsuna/Tsunahime" Tamami and Hayato in unison

Tsuna chuckle to see Hayato and Tamami in unison.

Hellie unlocked the door for two ladies.

Tsuna and Tamami step out from limousine.

Every guy in pedestrian who near palace automatically turn their face has they see beautiful Tamami and adorable Tsuna on dress.

" They are so beautiful and cute" Their innerself thought about Tsuna and Tamami.

" Tsunahime, please be careful" Hayato  remind Tsuna.

" Hai Hayato " Tsuna nod

" And Tamami please be careful too, I will worry if anything happen on you" Hayato take courage said his worries on Tamami.

" I will be careful " Tamami said in simple short answer.

" Tsunahime, Tamami I'll waiting you somewhere that near palace" Hayato inform.

" Okay, Hayato " Tsuna nod.

Tsuna and Tamami started walking toward palace gate. When they arrive at palace gate. There is two palace bodyguard near palace gate.

Ladies, please state your business " Palace bodyguard A asked.

" I'm Sawada Tsunayuki from Hill Middle School  " Tsuna introduce herself and bowed.

" I'm Yamamoto Tamami same school too " Tamami also introduce herself and bowed "

" Please state your reason" Palace bodyguad A asked

" Our reason we being invite to coming at palace, sir " Tsuna tell her reason

" Please proceed inside " Palace bodyguard A give permission to enter inside palace and unlocked palace gate.

" Thank you sir " Tsuna bowed again

" Welcome " Palace bodyguard A said

Tsuna and Tamami started walking toward palace.

Two bodyguard whisper each other with low voice

"She cute and kind not alike many other girl who come early that we meet who rude at us and I wish she become our queen " Palace bodyguard A said

" Which girl? " Palace bodyguard B asked.

" The one who wear orange dress " Palace bodyguard A answer.

" I agree " Palace bodyguard B nod.


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