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"W-What is that?" Prompto whimpers as the sable claws embedded into the stone.

"I don't know," Noctis answers.

"An ally," Ignis said, recognizing what was on the other end of the sharp claws as white scales came into view.

Using the stone to her advantage, Sapphira hauled her body to the top of it. Her towering form loomed over Deadeye as her sharp, crystalline eyes were trained on the behemoth. Forgetting the others, Deadeye roared at the dragon that had the higher ground. In response, Sapphira let out a piercing, shrill roar that caused the behemoth to take a few steps back. Seeing as she was the most powerful one, the dragon leaped from her perch and tackled Deadeye to the ground. She dug her claws into the beast's skin, causing the monster to cry out in pain.

Deadeye thrashed around under Sapphira's weight and was able to toss her to the side. Her body slammed into the ruins, boulders falling onto her. Unfazed by the large objects, she shook her body and released a fireball. It hit Deadeye directly in the face, tearing off its other horn and frying its last good eye.

Sapphira glances at the boys, signaling them to finish the job. The four summoned their weapons and slew the beast. Noctis dispelled his blade and turned his full attention to the dragon not far from the behemoth's dead body. Steam rose from her nose as their eyes met and the prince rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm never gonna get used to this..."

Prompto immediately whipped out his camera and snapped away with a gleam in his eyes. Gladio and Ignis approached Sapphira beside Noctis, who both noticed the glare she was giving the prince. Using her tail, she pushed Noctis over and kept her glare trained on him. The wind was knocked from him as his back collided with the ground. "I... deserved that..."

Gladio helped him up and couldn't hide his grin. "You got somethin' to say to her?"

Noctis sighed, nodding his head. Brushing off the dirt, his soft gaze met her piecing one. "I'm sorry for leaving you behind and... thanks for saving our asses." Sapphira lowered her head, nudging Noctis with her snout. It was her way of saying he forgot something, which Noctis was able to decipher. "I won't force you to stay behind anymore."

Happy with his response, Sapphira huffed a cloud of smoke before changing back to her human form. A smirk was present on her face and she crossed her arms. "Music to my ears."

"Aw!" Prompto whined. "I wasn't done with my photo shoot."

Sapphira smiles gently. "Sorry, Prom. I seriously doubt this will be the last time you'll see my true form, though."

"We should inform Wiz of the behemoth's demise," Ignis said.

"Now we can ride chocobos!" Prompto cheered.

Sapphira seemed to flinch at the mention of riding a chocobo. The boys noticed and Noctis arched a brow. "You got something against chocobos?"

"Let's just say... chocobos and I don't get along."

"The mighty daughter of the Draconian is scared of yellow birds?" Gladio teases.

"Far from it. It's... actually the other way around." Gladio raised a brow, not going unnoticed by the girl. "You'll see what I mean when we get back."

The five exit the now dead behemoth's den and return to Wiz Chocobo Post. The man himself smiled and couldn't hide his excitement when he heard the good news. "Y'all did it-you took down Deadeye! The area's safe again, an' we owe it all to you. On behalf of the locals, I give you my heartfelt thanks. By the way, everyone heard another roar besides Deadeye's. Did y'all encounter another large varmint?"

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