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"Say: He is Allah (God) the one and only; Allah, the eternal absolute; He does not beget, nor is He begotten, and there is None like Him."
-(Al-Ikhlas, 112)

Chapter one
My new neighbour is really getting on my nerves, considering he just moved in town. Today.

It's 1am, I have my Physics paper tomorrow, I want sleep, but I'm having none because of the loud music blasting from his house. His house that's next to mine.

With a loud groan, I push away the sheets and go downstairs. Bare feet, I may add. I tip toe through the corridor so I don't wake up my brother who sleeps for the whole London, and there's nothing that can disturb his slumber. Then I think why do I even need to tip toe?

I bang on his door.

A boy with dirty blonde hair, and crystal clear blue eyes opens up, and smirks.

"Yes, princess?" he says, putting a hand on the door.

If looks could kill, he would be dead right now.

"I have a paper tomorrow, unlike you, mister. So do you mind keeping the music down? I'm sure it won't cost you anything." I shoot him a glare which he responds to by another evil smirk.

"Hmm," he hums, pulling on a thoughtful expression. "I have the paper too. But unlike you, I don't care," he tells me, putting emphasis on the last word.

I take a step closer to him. His cologne reaches my nostrils, and oh god! It's so heavenly amazing!

He senses my sudden change, and gives me a knowing smile.


"It's a Tuesday night, Mr. Whoever you are, which means you aren't allowed to throw a party," I remind him with such confidence in my voice that I should be deserving an award.

"What are you, the party police? Chillax, lady!" he teases in a deep voice that has me fidgeting on the spot. Stop it, Myra! Don't give him the impression of getting nervous!

I sigh in defeat. "What would take you to slow down the music?" I know how it makes me look weak and him powerful, but I am way too sleepy right now to fight with him. Also, when he can just not stop grinning from ear to ear.

He folds his arms over his chest, and gently says, "You'll help me in the test tomorrow."

I gasp, and throw my hands in the air. "Are you serious? Mr. Damien would kill me if he detects me helping you. I don't even understand, you just moved here and you're taking tomorrow's exam?" Usually when there's a new admission, it takes time for them to adjust to the surroundings, but this boy is so weird.

His eyes that were sparkling with happiness just seconds ago turned dark. The smirk was wiped off his face, and he murmured in a whisper, "There are many things you don't understand, and. . ." he pauses for some seconds, "remember."

He locks eyes with me. Strange, it might sound, but why do they look so familiar? Those blue eyes seem so familiar yet I have zero idea who he is.

A frown takes over my forehead. "What do you mean?"

He stays silent for some time, gazing into my eyes with such intensity that I break the contact.

He clears his throat and the grin returns to his face. "Pardon, Miss Universe. You can have your beauty sleep." With a bow, he goes back inside and shuts the door. I still hear the music but it's not blasting like before.

That night I slept with a knot in my stomach.

• • •

I'm going through my notes when someone taps my shoulder.

I look up and meet Mr. Smirky (this name suits him because he smirks a lot) crazy blue eyes. So, he wasn't lying about the test part.

"What do you want?" I ask in a hurry, going back to revising my notes. The class begins in less than 10 minutes, and I am literally so nervous.

From my peripheral vision, I watch him take a seat to my right. He tilts in my direction, and peeks over my notes.

"Remember, you have to help me, right?" He snatches the notes from my table and begins going through them, though I'm dead sure he isn't reading a single thing, rather it's just his plan to annoy me.

I try to take them back, but he pulls them away in the air and chuckles.

I suck in a sharp breath, hoping to calm down my nerves. He's still smirking when I open my eyes.

"No. I am not helping you, now give me my notes back." He looks ahead, still grinning with my notes tucked under his arm. "What is wrong with you!" I shout, pulling the attention of the students to me. Giving them an apologetic half smile, I glare at Mr. Smirky.
He glares back but no sooner is he bursting into laughter.

I groan in frustration when our teacher walks in and distributes the exam sheets.

The paper looks so easy! Yay!

After around ten minutes, I feel someone kick my shoe lightly. Frowning, I look down and follow the source of disturbance.

Of course, it's him.

With narrowed eyes, and a glance at the teacher, I whisper, "What?"

"Miss, do you have a problem?"

My face flushes with embarrassment, while-

"I'm sorry, Myra, but you should've studied for the test. I can't help you," Mr. Smirky says, and my eyes go wide in disbelief. He looks away, and smiles to himself.

Did he just. . . Yeah, he just did that.

"Eyes and attention on your own paper, Miss Kerrington."

I literally couldn't focus from this moment onwards.
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