Chapter XII: Allies

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Two days later, in brilliant afternoon sunshine, Dymorla again called a halt to their procession. Helmets were donned and weapons made ready.

“Do not be alarmed – just be ready,” she said.

Soon a group of four gigantic humanoid beings came trotting up from behind. They stopped around thirty feet from the travelers and hailed them.

“Greetings,” said one in a rumbling bass voice. He held up his hand showing his first two fingers, clearly the greeting of his kind.

Dymorla held up her two fingers. “Greetings, Chieftain Olrood.”

The other members of his party shifted a bit, preparing for the unexpected. They were very dark skinned and hugely muscled. They stood at least an arm’s length higher than Djar, and they were very broad shouldered; massive was a better way to describe them. They wore no armor, only leather vests and breeches. Their rough skinned feet were bare. The leader had an embroidered battleaxe crossed with a plow on his vest with four yellow stars in an arc above. The others had the same insignia, only with three stars forming the arc. Each carried a thick, round wooden shield and a great shining battleaxe – the curved cutting edge nearly three feet long. 

“You know me, but I don’t remember making your acquaintance.”

“I know many who know not me. I am Dymorla, and our paths have indeed crossed, though I may have appeared … differently.”

His companions relaxed. Djar was glad.

“We are making haste to see Aielronic,” said the behemoth. “This is Tribemaster Omag, Goff and Halk,” he continued, pointing to each of his companions in turn.

“We are pleased to meet such a esteemed group,” said Dymorla.

She then introduced her companions. They were taken aback when she introduced Zack as the one spoken of in the Book Of Asmun.

“Ah, The One Who Would Be King. Dymorla, I beg many pardons, but are you certain?”

“I am certain, Chieftain.”

She explained most of their situation, really only leaving out the part about how she was the one to conjure Zack. When they asked about that, Zack merely said he suddenly appeared in the land, which was the truth – albeit with omissions. 

Of course, they didn’t mention anything about Zombies either, but Thag was obviously well read. “The one is said to command a host of dead warriors. What of that?” he asked.

“I have seen … signs, so … we’ll see …” she trailed off, intentionally sounding mysterious.

“If the great sorceress says it is so, then I believe – and we will follow.”

“Your accompaniment is well received, great leader, though I fear we will slow you down on your way to the Boughs.”

“Not to worry. We were going to formulate a plan, and it looks as if these prophecies may be true after all. In that case, we march with you.”

They decided to break for lunch and become acquainted. The formality stayed with them for a while, but as they inadvertently talked late into the evening, it lessened considerably. The little company learned that the goblins had been making raids into the Troll’s lands. Thag’s companions, Omag, Goff and Halk were each head of one of the seven tribes. The other Tribemasters stayed behind to help defend and run their land. Thag had also been a Tribemaster for years before uniting all the tribes under one banner. He was elevated to Chieftain – the first the Trolls had ever elected.

The Trolls, though individually very powerful, didn’t have the numbers to contend with the goblins if they made a concentrated attack, so Thag decided to seek other allies. He was afraid that he’d never reach the dwarves before being dispatched by goblins, so he headed west in search of Aeilronic.  

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