After doing a series of quick tests in the back of one ambulance, Annie was soon let free. She sat on the bonnet of an empty police car, wrapped in a baby blue blanket. Her knees tucked up into her chest while she stared at the warehouse, anxiously waiting for their return. The ambulance workers informed her to breathe slowly, through the nose and out the mouth, to reduce her stress levels. Her whole body shock due to the cold weather and dramatic experience.

“Annie” Her mother screeches, running in Annie’s direction. “Oh sweetie, I knew that Josh was a bad influence on you. Nearly getting you killed like that. Come on, love lets get you home” Her mother fretted, putting her arm across Annie’s shoulder.

“Bad influence?” She laughed at her. “You loved him and now he’s saved me from being killed, you suddenly hate him? You’re really pathetic, Mum.” She mumbled into her legs, never taking her eyes off the building in front.

“We’ll talk about this at home. Lets go” Her mother growled.

“Im waiting for Josh, Joseph and his father. Im waiting to see if his mother is okay because shes been more of a mother to me in one day than you have your entire life.” With that her mother wondered off.

Many police and ambulance workers checked on Annie as she sat in silence by herself, still wrapped in the blanket. The skies were getting darker, to the point of pitch black with the winds growing colder too. “Here you go, love” A police woman smiled, handing her a hot mug of hot chocolate. Annie took the mug and smiled weakly in thanks before the woman sat next to her on the bonnet. They did not speak, just sat in silence as the wind blew through their hair.

 After another anxious fifteen minutes, around 4 police men came with a handcuffed Carlos. Annie jumped from the bonnet of the unoccupied car as they journeyed closer to her. His face was gleaming with evil joy as he shouted to Annie “I’ll see your boyfriend in Hell” He winked before being pushed into the back of the car before speeding off. A lump formed in Annie’s throat as she tried to stop the tears.

At that moment, Joseph and Mr. Hutcherson came out of the warehouse. Immediately, Annie ran over to them and hugged them both tightly. “Im so glad you’re both okay” She mumbled, still holding onto them. “Where is he? Where’s Josh?” She looked around behind their shoulders. It was moments later when she saw him strapped to a hospital gurney. Before Annie could rush to his side, Joseph was holding her back. “What happened?” Her words were barely audible as she mumbled into his chest. 

“Shh” He whispered reassuringly, still holding her. Mr. Hutcherson went off in the ambulance with Josh before it raced off. After Joseph was questioned by many different people, the two of them made their way to the hospital. The care journey was so silent you could hear a pin drop. Faintly, you could hear Annie sniffing her tears back. Once at the hospital, Annie’s pace was slow, scared to see his condition. Joseph still refused to tell her what happened but part of her didn’t want to know.

As they arrived at the room Josh was staying in, Annie’s heart nearly stopped. Wires were attached to his body, monitoring his heart rate as his hazel eyes were shut closed. The only sound was the beeping coming from the monitor. “Excuse me, but you can’t be in here” spoke one of the nurses.

“Oh Yeh um sorry” Joseph apologized. Slowly backing out of the room, Annie broke down crying. No words were spoken in the waiting room, just like the car journey.

When the all clear sign was given, each person was able to visit unconscious Josh one at a time, first Mr. Hutcherson, the Joseph and then Annie. She entwined their fingers as she sat on the chair by his bedside. Eventually she fell asleep, after all her day was pretty eventful. When she felt him squeezing her hand, Annie’s emerald eyes shot open.

“It’s about time you woke up, I’ve been waiting ages” Josh smiled weakly at her, patting the mattress next to him, signaling for her to lie next to him.

“You are hard work, Josh” She replied, making him laugh slightly.

“I know, I’m sorry for that” His arm slung around her securely as Annie snuggled down into his chest. “Go to sleep, I’ll explain everything to you in the morning” He added with a kiss on her forehead.


“mmm” He mumbled.

“I love you too” 

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