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Iris' P.O.V
"Johnny come on you have to get to school", I explain to him as I rub my tired eyes.

"No", He complains.

"Come on Johnny we have to go", I say surprised he never has said a word about not wanting to go to school.

"I want to go to school with Harry", He replies boiling my blood.

"Johnny he's sleeping", I say trying to come up with a lie.

It's a white lie, can't hurt.

"Wake him up!" Johnny screams.

"No Johnny we can't", I say placing my finger one his lips as a sign for him to be quiet.

I don't want him to already be hurt by the fact that Harry wasn't going to see him. Johnny spoke to Harry for like seven hours, and now they have like the best bond ever. Not in my book. I don't even want to speak to Harry, last night he acted like a jerk; trying to talk to me like he knows me. I suppose right after he found another pair of girls to flirt with.

"It's time for school Mrs.Annie will be upset", I say trying to convince him to get up and ready for school.

"No", He says and starts crying.

This is exactly why I didn't want Johnny talking with Harry, he wasn't going to be there for him. Harry is so busy with his dumb life style and games, he'd never have time to be with Johnny. Plus I really don't like Harry. I've literally only seen him for two days, and I hated him the first, partly on the second and I still do. I just can't believe he talks to me as if, he's trying to change me? I don't know what the word is, but as hope he knows he'd never change me, and should stop talking to me. I'm nothing but a hopeless mess. I will never be able to love someone, I fear that they will leave me.

"Johnny we can go out with Harry after",I say and regret the words right after they came out of my mouth.

Johnny immediately wipes his tears and gets up to get ready. I see him pull out a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Oh heck no, I don't need another Harry. I am already wearing the horrible khakis and school shirt, because I happen to work there.

"Johnny why are you wearing that?" I say furrowing my eyebrows.

"Like Harry", He smiles.

Johnny clearly took Harry as a male figure to look up to. I think he's pushing it a little though, I can't tell him that I'd break his heart. I also just promised him he'll see Harry, I don't know why I did that. I don't want to see Harry at all.

"Whatever you want Johnny", I say puffing my cheeks of air and letting it out.

It's official after today Harry and Johnny are never allowed to speak together, it's just too much for me to handle. The way to school is silent, I want to make conversation with Johnny but I'm just lost in a train of thoughts. One day I may die, Johnny would be left alone; Andy is hardly able to take take care of him for a few minutes. I have to stop thinking like this, but it's reality. Once we've arrived at the school Johnny unbuckles his seatbelt and makes his way to the classroom. 

"Hey Mrs.Annie", I greet once I've walked in. 

Mrs.Annie, happens to be my boss. I must admit she's been a great friend of mine for awhile now, she's much older than me though. 

"Hey Iris! What's up?" She ask in a concerned way after she greets me. 

"Huh? Oh nothing", I say shrugging it off. 

"You sure?" She asks to clarify. 

"I'm sure", I lie. 

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up quite early today and went out for a run. I tried my best to think of lyrics as I ran, but all I would think of described Iris. I just want to discover lots of things about her, she would never let me though. I must admit she pisses me off at times, I try to be the best version of me and she clearly doesn't appreciate. Today I'm excited to spend some time with Johnny,  I'm not even joking he was so inspired by me and loved speaking to me, it meant a lot. Clearly his sister doesn't feel the same. On my walk or run or whatever, I got past this small coffee shop where Mr.Weston wanted me to meet him. I greet him respectfully and have a seat. I'm not sure why he wanted to talk right now, since I thought we we're going to do this later some place else with Johnny with us as well. 

"Mr.Styles I'm truly sorry for yesterday. I know you didn't want to deal with that kid an-", Mr.Weston says before I raise my hand to signal him to stop speaking. 

"Who is 'that kid'?" I ask confused. 

"Johnny he's absolutely-", He rambles quickly after saying his name then, again I cut him off. 

"No I really like Johnny and I'm quite excited to see him today actually", I say a bit harsher than I had intended. 

It just really made me think how horrible they must treat him, at this moment I'm doubting if even Iris is well to him. 

"I'm sorry Mr.Weston but I have to go right now we will speak later and make sure Johnny is with you", I warn making my way out of the small shop. 

Iris' P.O.V

Johnny is watching television downstairs as I do the laundry I had been procrastinating to do for awhile now. All day at school he rambled on and on and on about Harry, to all of his friends. I'm sure none of them knew just exactly what he was talking about, just because he was too excited to even explain. I want to be happy that he is this excited but I know that one day once Harry goes to like a tour or something he will never see Johnny again and it will break his heart. 

"Iris!" Monica screams from the basement. 

"What?" I shout back in annoyance. 

"Johnny he spilled his food!" She answers. 

Did this woman really just tell me that? 

"Why in the world are you telling me? You have hands make them useful please!" I shout back loudy. 

I go downstairs to see what she is talking about and I am stopped by a knock on the door. 

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