42| Hand-in-hand.

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42| Hand-in-hand.
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Over a month had passed and Luke had made no progression in trying to win Annie back. At first he thought it was best to give her the space she wanted, then he just grew less confident and more awkward every time he wanted to speak to her.

He didn't help the situation at all as he still hung out with his ex friends including James and Kelly, which Annie took as a clear indication he had moved on and didn't want anything to do with her, so she tried to feel the same.

Her and Ashton spent a lot of time together, almost as much and Annie and Luke did when they were together, they liked each others company and honestly Annie had grown to like him a lot more too.

She wouldn't say she had a crush on him because she didn't, she still loved Luke a lot and was just trying to distract herself really, but Ashton was just so nice.

Luckily for Ashton she hadn't figured out that he liked her yet, she just assumed that he would go to anybodies house in the middle of the night with Starbucks and a movie to cheer them up. He'd actually only do that for Annie, and it used to be Luke to.

Today, as Luke leant by his locker only mildly listening to whatever James was saying, he watched Annie as she walked through the doors, hand-in-hand with Ashton.

Luke's eyes practically popped from their sockets when he saw it, what the hell were they doing? Luke had noticed how much closer they had gotten but he didn't think they'd be getting this close this soon.

They both go over to Annie's locker as she opens it, still holding hands which was a bit excessive really wasn't it? It was like they were trying to annoy Luke. As Annie gathered some books Ashton said something, and when he said it Annie's cheeks tinted red and she bit her lip in that amazing beautiful way she always did.

Luke clenched his fists, what the hell was happening here? Ashton couldn't just steal his girl after he was trying (and horribly failing) to win her back. Sure, he had been practically invisible to her the last month and a bit but he's been thinking about what to do. A little bit anyway.

The next day, the two of them came in hand-in-hand again, and they did for the next week too. It was the start of December now and Annie was wearing baggy jumpers and jeans and on days where she was tired she would wear leggings instead.

No matter what she wore Luke always thought she looked amazing, so did James and the other jocks sadly, and even worse so did Ashton.

Everyday he would buy her a hot chocolate from the drive through Starbucks before picking her up in his car to take to school, where they'd hold hands in the car all the way up to Annie's locker.

And when they say together at lunch, Luke could see that they were holding hands above the table and when they weren't holding hands Ashton was always touching her somehow. It pissed Luke off immensely. Can he just get his hands of his girl please?

Yesterday was even worse, Annie posted a picture of the two in Starbucks on instagram. They had gone after school for a 'study date' -that's what she captioned it too- and they looked like a couple.

What was even worse was the amount of likes it got because that meant people liked them together. And the comments too, Annie's friends like Sophie and Nina commented how cute they are. And when she first posted it their were a few thirsty comments from some of the jocks, saying how they could give her more than just coffee, but she would delete them as soon as she saw them.

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