Chit Chatting

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After being shown where they were supposed to be staying while in the village by Anya, who quickly left after explaining that when the feast was ready, someone would come to get them, the Sky people nodded at her, thanking her for the help and settled down on their designated spot after putting up the tents that they would use while they were here. The adults were on one side of the spot talking among themselves and the teens on the other as they were also talking about everything that was going on.

"I like this place, your village. It looks so cozy, definitely more than the Ark ever did besides they have houses, I mean, that is wicked. I wish I had one like this. I would fill with cool stuff. It would be awesome." Raven said smiling to Lincoln. The sitting arrangement was from left to right in a semicircle: Lincoln, Octavia, Bellamy, Wells, Finn, Raven and Murphy. "I agree. I would be down to live like this, you know." Murphy said and they fist bumped each other knowing very well that the ones they love live like this.

"It's definitely different than what we imagined it would be. No offense." Wells said apologizing to Lincoln who shook his head. "None taken." The grounder said. "Lincoln showed me that near here there is a statue and the people of the village goes there to settle disputes. Like a scared place or something." Octavia said to them. "Really? Then I think I know where we are." Wells said and they looked at him. "I aced old word geography." He said shrugging before turning to Lincoln. "The village name is TonDC, right?" he asked him and he nodded.

"The United States' capital was called Washington DC and in the city, there was a huge statue of a man sitting down." He said looking at the others and Lincoln seemed interested. "That is the shape of the statue." He said and Wells nodded. "His name was Abraham Lincoln." He said and the others were surprised. "So that where your name comes from." Octavia said to her boyfriend who nodded. "Who was he anyway?" She asked Wells. "The 16th president, kind of like the Commander position. He won the Civil War and abolished slavery." Wells explained and they nodded.

"Well, I don't know. I guess I prefer the Ark." Bellamy said out loud and Raven turned to him. "Really? You think so? You know what, Bell boy, I bet that you are going to join your sister in the GP club before the end of the month." Raven said to him as they looked at her. "What the hell is the GP club, Raven?" Wells asked her and she smirked. "The Grounder Pounder club, Wells. Club founded by our own Miss Octavia Blake." She said and applauded the girl as did Murphy and the others chuckled. "Shut up, Raven." The girl said and Raven chuckled.

"Whatever. I think Bellamy will join the club. Let's bet. Murphy, what do you say?" She said and Bellamy looked at her. "Really?" He asked her and she nodded. "Really, now shut up and let us make our bets." She said to him and he sighed shaking his head. "I bet that he will be interested in a grounder but won't admit it unless under torture." Murphy said as he shared a look with Raven and one name and person came to both of their minds, Echo, and they smiled. "Wells, your turn." She said to their other friend. "I think he will have something with a grounder but will end up with one of our people." He said.

"Finn." She asked and he shook his head. "He won't be with a grounder. He's too xenophobic to do it." Finn said simply and Bellamy scoffed. "I'm not and I would be with one of them if I felt like it so you lose immediately." He said to the boy and the rest chuckled but Murphy and Raven knew that the Bellamy of the massacre would fit right into the person Finn was describing but luckily, he was not that person yet and would never be so again. "O. What say you in your sisterly wisdom?" Murphy asked the younger Blake. "I say he is going to marry a grounder, period." She said firmly and they laughed including Bellamy.

"Lincoln. Your turn." Raven asked him. "I agree with Octavia." He said simply and Murphy made whipping sounds. "Dude, she got you good. Whipped to the core." He joked and Octavia had to explain what the expression meant and Lincoln only shrugged not even denying it. "What about you, Raven? Will you join the club?" Bellamy asked her and she nodded. "Most definitely. Have you seen some of them? I mean, our people just do not produce such nice body structures like they do. Your people really need to keep procreating." She said to Lincoln and he chuckled while the others laughed.

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