♡Labour|Part Three♡

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Five hours had passed, and (Y/N) was still screaming in pain. Janet and Frank were doing their best to comfort me, but I couldn't stop stressing over the fact that my wife was in pain.

I had tried several more times to enter the delivery room, but the same nurse from before stopped me. I couldn't see why I wasn't allowed in, she was my wife.

Janet had left, offering to get Frank and I something to eat. However, I was in no mood to do anything except be there for my wife.

I walked up to the delivery room door, and looked through the glass portion of it. I saw (Y/N), breathing heavily as the doctors tried their best to encourage her. Her skin was pale, and for some reason - she looked a whole lot thinner than I remembered.

With a sigh, I looked away, shaking my head. I needed to be there with her. After a moment, I looked back up - only to see her crying. At that, I burst into the room - I couldn't help myself.

"Sir," a female nurse walked up to me.

"Please," I heard (Y/N) whisper.

"It's alright," one of the doctors held her hand up. "Let him in. He's the father,"

Well damn, why couldn't you have let me in earlier?

I rushed up to (Y/N)'s side. She was bleeding heavily, and the entire room smelled of blood. I took my wife's hand and rubbed the back of it gently, just like she always preferred.

She was crying and trying to catch her breath at the same time. Despite her condition, she still looked like the most beautiful thing on earth to me. She was perfect.

"Michael..." she whispered, making me lean over to look into her eyes.

"Sh, it's okay," I whispered as she shook her head tiredly. "I'm here,"

"I...I can't do this," she began to cry again. "I'm not strong enough," she breathed.

"(Y/N), listen to me," I focused on her beautiful eyes. "You're the strongest woman I know, you can do this,"

"Right," one of the doctors walked up to her, brushing (Y/N)'s hair out of her face. "I need you to push as hard as you can,"

(Y/N) inhaled deeply before screaming out in pain as she pushed. A moment passed before a baby's cry could be heard. I turned my head and saw a nurse - holding a tiny baby in her hands.

The baby was covered in blood, but it was the most perfect human being I had ever seen, apart from (Y/N), of course. The nurse walked up to (Y/N), handing her the baby in a small cloth.

"It's a girl," the nurse smiled, making me tear up. (Y/N) looked at the baby, a tired smile on her face.

"She's beautiful," I whispered, running my fingers through my wife's hair as I looked at our baby girl. "What should we name her?" I looked at (Y/N).

She studied the baby before letting out a small giggle. "Heaven," she breathed. "Heaven Amelia Jackson," she looked up at me.

I shook my head and grinned. "Perfect,"

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