Cbapter 7

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After an hour of sleeping Lauren knew she had to get up so she finally got out of bed. By then everyone was awake except Camila who was still sleeping on the bed. Dinah and Normani were making breakfast while Ally was in the shower.

"Morning Dinah Morning Normani" Said Lauren rubbing her eyes

"Morning Lo is Camila awake?" Replied Normani

"No she's in a pretty deep sleep" Said Lauren

"Don't worry about Camila we can talk to her after breakfast" Said Dinah who was listening to the conversation.

After that Ally got out of the shower and got changed while Normani woke Camila and changed her pull-up. Then the girls all had breakfast and decided it was a good time to talk.

"Hey Camila can you come here for a minute we just want to talk" asked Lauren

"Sure Lo" relied Camila turning of the tv and walking into the lounge room.

"So we had a good day at the zoo yesterday but you fell asleep in the car on the way back home" said Lauren quietly

"So" Said Camila wondering what had happened

"Well you had an accident in the car. We ended up driving to the store and bought you some pull ups so you don't have to wear Ally's bigger diapers" Said Lauren

"Ohh. I'm really sorry about wetting myself it's always been a bit of a problem in my previous homes" Said Camila

"Can you please explain Camila" asked Lauren remembering the bruises and cuts on her private areas.

"Well in my home with my real parents my mum would hit me or put her finger in my private area while my dad would hit me till I bleed with a belt. Not to mention to other houses I've been to who would just make fun of me. One of the times my dad got super mad that he hit my private area with the belt. I'm really sorry guys I didn't tell you about this" replied Camila

Right at that moment the girls could tell she was really sad and scared so one by one each girls would give her a hug. Camila was feeling like she had a home

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