I woke up early that moring wait let me introduceMy self I'm daja most people don't even know I'm alive because my boyfriend keeps me from any Outside area unless he wants something for him or His hoes well I know your wondering why I don't leave well I can't he abuses me and tells me he never liked me any way i woke up that morining and my back was hurting my legs were sore and my hair was a mess not like I wasn't ever but i got up with all my strength and cleaned up then he came downstairs

"WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING" he yells "I I'm cleaning " " NO THE HELL YOU NOT GET YOUR ASS IN THERE AND COOK " he spat back I did as he said at this point he could beat me all he wanted I really didn't have anything to live for then the door rang "GET THE DOOR" he yells rolling one

I went and got the door it was his brother craig "hey daja"he said with a small smile

I didn't respond so he just came in and I went back cooking but I heard them talking so I listened and cooked " chres what the hell man.. " i heard him say "what" ," dont what me why u treat her like that " he asks "eh, she deserves it " chres said lighting his blunt "no she doesn't if you don't stop im take her away and have her live with me" Craig said I tried my hardest to make out the words considering they were whispering and I had to make loud noise so they won't know I was listening. Then I heard roc whispering really low "Prod man I love her but I want her to do what I say " he says calling Craig by his group name "SO YOU BEAT HER YOU A DUMB BITCH CHRES IM BE BACK AT 4 AND SHE COMING WITH ME I NEVER KNEW ROC ROYAL WILL ACT LIKE THIS " he screamed slapping chres cup off the table... thank craig now I have more to clean."you know what get out" chres said calmly "good cause I'm the only one that can get away from you" Craig spat back and he walked in the kitchen where I was " ill be back for you...okay" I didn't respond just looked down it isn't the first time I heard that. I heard the door slam shut then roc came in "WELL IS IT DONE "

I didn't say anything "SLUT ANSWER ME"

he calls me a slut when he has a new girl here everyday and night I cough " yes"

I walked out to clean the bathroom then he grabbed my hair I honestly hate him

" DUMB HOE hmmm what should I do with you maybe beat the living shit out of you or" he says smirking and starting to kiss me and I didn't move

"What the fuck you dead or something? " he said grabbing my neck

"No not yet at least " i said ..gosh i regret that" what the fuck did you say?"

"YOU HEARD ME! I HATE YOU I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO CRAIG BEFORE I EVER CHOSE YOU "he slapped me and I fell to the floor then he punched me in the face and covered my mouth so I wont scream he tied me to this pole in the basement and started hitting me with his belt that had metal spikes it hurt back I tried to scream but he had covered my mouth after about 3 minutes to what felt like a hour he was done so he untied me and I dropped to the floor and just look up he looked shocked I didn't cry but my face was red as and tomato and my body was sore and bloody then I got up and walked out and he came behind me "I'm sorry but dont try me also clean this shit up I got company coming over later " I continued to clean then he left out leaving me to cry as he usually does.

★10 mins later★

Chres walks up to me while im sitting in my corner of the house yes my room is a corner he's about to make it up to me "Im sorry I had to put you on my bad side baby" see. "say you for give me baby" he says rubbing my cheek " I-I-I f-forgive you" I manage to choke out " well show daddy then" He wants something I know its either hes high drunk or wants sex but im not giving my virginity up to him" h-how"

"you tell me " he starts to kiss my neck then move his hand around personal place I dont want him to touch so I yelled.

roc: what

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