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Sookie P.O.V

Eric picked me up and took me to bills house where the woman who healed my scratches was waiting.

"How is she so far?" she asked.

"She is breathing heavily and her heart is fast, that's about it." Bill said.

"Well it seems to me that the little one won't stay in for very long, it's crowning! Push!" she yelled. I pushed till I heard a cry.

"Congrats its a boy!" she exclaimed as she wrapped my son and handed him to me. Me, Eric and Bill admired him before I felt another pain.

"Oh looks like you've got double trouble missy." the woman says.

Twins! the doctor said only one?! I handed my son to bill.

"Push now!" she screamed. then another cry rang out.

"It's another boy!" she said handing him to me. I passed him off to Eric as I felt the need to push.

"Honey you just don't stop do you? because there's another one." the nurse questioned.

I was shocked when I pushed and out came my baby #3.

"It's a girl!" she said hand another over to me.

Eric put her in a incubator near her brothers and I felt another pain.

"Ok miss if there are any more after this I'm leaving, ok now push." she said.

"It's another girl." she says placing her in the incubator. Suddenly I feel fine so I stand up and look at my babies.

The first boy had black curly hair and brown eyes. obviously Bills.

The second had my blond hair and Erics blue eyes so I guessed he was Eric's.

The first girl had platinum blonde hair and brown eyes, so I guessed again that she was Eric's.

The last girl had brown hair and blue eyes. I could tell she was bills.

"The first is Henry John Compton. Next is Cedric Alexander Northman. Then Monica Willow Northman and Emma Julia Compton." I said to them and the nurse. Bill and Eric just stared at them I awe.

After a couple check ups we were able to take the kids home. We are in my house I am holding Emma, bill is holding Henry and Eric is snuggling both Cedric and Monica.

"So have we thought about where they are going to live?" Bill asks.

"Well I want them to all live with me, but their part vampire and I don't know how to take care of baby vampires. So I was thinking you can both temporarily move into Eric's little bunker so you'll be closer to them." I proposed.

Both men nodded happy with the agreement.

Eric P.O.V

I can't believe I'm holding my children in my arms. They both look like a mix of me and Sookie, it's beautiful.

Cedric will grow to be a strong boy who will protect his sister and Monica is definitely going to have every boy drooling over her, but they'll have to go through me before the ever touch her.

Bill P.O.V

While holding Henry I can already see his sweet nature, I hope he is kind and caring like his mother. Emma has looks that will knock your socks off, I just see the beauty in her.

Eric and Bill P.O.V

I think I'll be a great dad!

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