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Fam Bam💞


Bri I Know Right Smh

I'm so clueless

You know that Ashley girl that's been commenting on your posts?

Yeah, Ashy Aveeno or something?

Brianna 💞
LMAOOOO but's It's not the time, go look at her live


I exited the messages and opened Instagram while she mid-sentence. I saw many comments saying "damn she's in the live" and "damn Ashely talk your shit now she's in the live"

"She thinks she's so cute and whatever but the sad thing is me and Melo are together and she can't keep her hands off my man. She's a whole hoe and irrelevant"  She stops mid-rant because she noticed me in the live, she looked like she saw a ghost before a blink of an eye she ended the live.

I'm quick to go live
"Damn Ashy Aveeno cant watch her mouth like damn," I said as my thick Miami and New York accent came out "little does she know I'm with her man 24/7 and I guess her boyfriend wants to be mine huh? But I just wanna say when I see her it's on damn sight, it's no damn talking and I bet her man would be in my corner" I laughed as I ended my live and saved it

"Jay I miss you can you come upstairs!" Melo screams from upstairs

I walked up the stairs into Melo's room as I recorded him
"Jay I missed you!" He exclaimed

"Yeah, yeah I've been downstairs for like an hour"

"Give me a kiss" I got up and gave him a quick kiss before he grabs my phone and says "it's your boy Melo and her daddy" as he let out a big smile showing his braces. Over the next few minutes, I started playing music before I start singing to Melo

"Melo, you know, I'm here to save you
Me and them girls, we ain't the same boo
You know I hate it, when you leave me
Cause you love it then you leave it but you know how bad I need it"

I sang playfully as Melo recorded me, we chilled out and posted both of the videos on our page. He captioned his "my little singer 🤤" and I captioned mine with "daddy's girl huh? 😋"

So I feel like sooner or later she's going to come for ashy's neck~CHANTA

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