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"Say it." I greeted my teeth.

"In my office, now." She walks out of the room that Sarah was placed and went to her office. I followed her quietly.

When I reach her office earlier, that is after I hypnotised that stupid nurse, she quickly called the other nurses using the emergency button. They quickly responded by bringing a moving bed (if that's what I really saw) into the room. I placed her gently on the bed before they pushed her out to another room to clean herself up.

Kind to think of it, she's kind of a mess when I first found her. My hands felt sticky after I left her with the nurses.

What did she get herself into before I found her?

I excuse myself to the toilet to clean myself before race back to the room that Sarah was placed.

Room 156.

Vivian told me Sarah's room number before I left. There, I met her again but now, here we are walking in the hallway towards her office again. Her clicking heels were the only noise I heard in this hallway.

We finally reach her office after a few minutes of walking. Her pace was so slow. I had to wait boringly before she took another step.

I don't know which one is true. Too slow for a young adult woman, or maybe too slow for a vampire like me. She opened her office door and took a seat. Her office looks huge but I didn't have time to look at it properly. Sarah is my priority.

I took a seat in front of her and look at her intently. "Spill it." My patience is thinning every second pass.

"As you wish. Two years ago I met her in this room. She came and told me about her problems. She said that she's been hearing voices that blame her against her sins but she couldn't see anyone. She couldn't even sleep. Which apparently leads this to mental issues." She said calmly, yet formal as a doctor.

"Mental issues? She's not crazy right?" I almost yell because of shock. My fingers were tapping on her desk in my own rhythms of nervous.

"Depends on how you see it, Andrew. She's having a major depression and I believed the cause of this depression is the death of her father."

"What kind of depression? I do know there are different kinds of depression."

She smiled. "Glad that you know. She's suffering a psychotic depression."

"What's a psychotic depression?" I asked. Never heard that before.

She took a deep breath, calming herself. I can see that she's pretty intense with this topic. "Psychotic depression is a subtype major depression that occurs when severe depressive illness includes some form of psychosis. The psychosis, which is the patient, could be hallucinations. They could hear voices that tell them that they are worthless. They could also have delusions such as intense feelings worthlessness and failure because of committing sins." She explained in a serious tone but me, however, just gave her a questioning look.


"You didn't get it, do you?" She asked, raising her eyebrow.

I shook my head and she let out a frustrated sigh. "Look at her. Look at your girlfriend. Does she look okay to you? Hallucinations. Delusions. Isn't that the symptoms that Sarah was having all the time?"

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