Ever since that day Mark and Donghyuck became closer. They weren't those kids like back then, Mark was now nineteen and Donghyuck was eighteen and they were inseparable.

Since they were neighbors living right next to each other closely they could just open their windows and talk some nights if they weren't tired or if they were just bored. If they were at one of their houses they would sometimes go on the roof with a blanket and just talk while looking at the stars enjoying each other's company

They were currently laying down on Mark's bed watching TV while sharing a blanket at 10:00 PM since they had nothing else to do.

"Do you want to stay over since it's Friday?" Mark said looking at the younger.

"Sure, there's no point in going home anyway" Donghyuck said depressingly. For two months Donghyuck has been going through hell. His mom has been working really late at the hotel and without his father she was very unstable.

"Would you like to go on the roof?" Donghyuck asked trying to change the subject.

"Sure I'll get the drinks"

Both Mark and Donghyuck got up from the comfy mattress and separated.

Donghyuck went up to Marks attic and opened the window exposing the colorful stars to the shadows. He climbed out and looked for a spot with no bird dookie.

Mark came back after a while with two cans and the blanket they were sharing with earlier and sat down next to his friend.

"How do you do it Hyuck?" Donghyuck grew confused at the older
"What do you mean? How do I do what?" He asked puzzled

"How are you so strong?" Mark asked amazed by his friend while he put the blanket on both of them.

"I-I don't know" Donghyuck said taking a swing of his drink. Donghyucks father trained to be a police officer in Jeju but got a promotion to become a detective in Seoul. Accepting that promotion Donghyuck and his family moved here.

A couple weeks ago he went on a mission and found out he had to go undercover to join a gang. But he got caught talking to the chief and they beat him to death in the woods, a family that was camping found his body near the lake.

Ever since his death his mother went delusional. She would always kick him out of the house since he looked like his father as she started getting into smoking, drugs, and alcohol just to numb her torture. 

Donghyuck couldn't resist the urge either as for he got into smoking and drinking even if he wasn't old enough.

"Woah this stuff is *hiccup* good"Mark said chugging down a can of beer as hiccups interrupted him every now and then.

Donghyuck let out a laugh and laid back. Mark just copied his actions getting a flashback to when they were fourteen. Donghyuck and Mark turned facing each other at the same time and stared at each other's orbs as if they were the most beautiful things in the world.

"Your cute"

"And your weird"

"I know"

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