Chapter 28

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Brooke shakes her head with a half smile as she watches Gary stroll away from her down the hallway from his bedroom. Oh, the mess he described over the phone is by no means an exaggeration. True to his word, the bed is heaped with clothes as well is the hamper in his closet. It is amazing that he has clean clothes! The floor is in need of a good vacuuming not mention a general organization.

She can hear his heavy footsteps coming back down the hall and can't help a cheesy smile. His face the entire time has been like a little boy following his mom around the house he was suppose to clean. She makes her way to him and leans up against his toned chest.

Draping his arm loosely around her he says, "I see you haven't run away yet."

Giggling with a glimmer of happiness hanging in her eyes she shakes her head. "I already told you I'm not running away."

"I know, I know." He kisses the top of her head, like a horse's tail swishes a fly, on a moments touch. "So, the broom, vacuum, all that is in the closet by the back door. I can show you on my way out if you want."

Before he can continue she pulls back and looks up at him. Her eyebrows are knitted together and her head is cocked to the side slightly. "Where are you going?"

He laughs with a twinkle in his eye. "To pull your car out, silly." As the words rolls from his lips he tickles her ribs for a moment.

A blush overtakes her cheeks. "Yes, of course, I forgot." She places her hands on his chest and leans back just enough that she can look into his eyes. "However, don't take too long, because you are putting your clothes up." A mischievous smirk plays with her lips and her eyes move from his to picture on the wall behind him. "I think you are old enough to do that."

Not missing a beat Gary puts two fingers under her chin bringing her eyes back up to stare into his. Then in a low voice he says, "What about when I marry you?"

Deep color covers her neck and cheeks as she begins to feel hot. Her eyes search for anything but his to look at. The deepness and longing in his voice doesn't go unnoticed. "We haven't crossed that bridge yet." Her voice is barely audile and no matter what he does she refuses to look up to meet his gaze, even if it means closing them altogether.

Her response does nothing short of make his smile stretch his lips as far as possible. A light kiss on her cheek and a chuckle has him stepping back and down the hall with her in tow. "There is the closet with all the cleaning stuff in it," he says pointing to it while putting his hat on his head. "I'll be back in a bit."

"Okay, see you later." She watches him grin as he closes the door behind him. "Man, it's going to be hard to get much work done when he is around," she mumbles to herself with a shake of her head.

With her mind set to work she takes the broom from the closet and begins to sweep the kitchen. Mainly dirt and dry grass accumulate in a pile with only an occasional piece of food. It doesn't take her too long before she is dumping the contents of the dust pan in the trash can that sits in the corner by the fridge. It itself looks mighty grungy.

Next she turns to tackle the dishes, but not without first putting music on from her phone. She has all her favorites compiled on a playlist. They include all of Cody Johnson's Got To Be Me album, Willow City's song With One Voice, The Older I Get by Alan Jackson, and Josh Ward's A Cowboy Can.

The music starts to fill the air as she begins to fill the sink with scalding hot water. Just as the sink is almost to the point she wants it she turns the water to cold to cool it down just enough to keep it from burning her hands. Then she puts water in the other sink to rinse the dishes. Finally she begins to put plates and silverware in the sink.

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