Chapter Sixteen

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{May have a Trigger Warning for some... Read carefully.}

When Duncan saw Wren unconscious and helpless he tried to run and release her from her bonds but as soon as he stood up something pulled him back down and wouldn't let him move. Sammy just watched, frozen. Then, Miss Drake walked onto the stage and smiled.

"Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the show of a lifetime!" Miss Drake announced to the audience of three people. Duncan struggled to move and Sammy paid no attention to Duncan he seemed to have his eyes fixed on Miss Drake and Wren.

"This is a play starring me, the banshee, and my handy new assistant." Miss Drake began. Duncan saw Wren start to wake up. He thought about yelling to her and warning her of what was going on but his voice didn't work. "Let us begin!"

Miss Drake snapped her fingers at Susie who walked behind the curtain and pull out a bucket filled with water. Susie struggled to pick up the bucket, she pulled it up to her chest and spilled the water all over Wren. Wren yelped and spit out water. Susie threw the bucket off stage and stood back in her normal spot. Wren searched her surrounding frantically wondering what had happened.

"Wren dear, can you tell your friends what happened so they'll fully understand the scene?" Miss Drake asks in a nice, innocent voice.

"I-Um-" Wren struggled to speak. Miss Drake suddenly slapped Wren making the poor girls cheek red. Tears formed in Wren's eyes when she looked at a struggling Duncan.

"She-She used a..." Wren mumbles "Miss Drake threatened to ki-kill Sammy if Duncan and I didn't cooperate. She said she-she was going to get inside his head-"

Wren stopped when she saw Sammy stand up from his seat blindly and walk up the steps to the stage. Susie walked back behind the curtain and grabbed a chair and set it on the back of the stage. That's when Duncan noticed the noose made from rope hanging from the roof. Sammy didn't glance back, he stood on the chair and slid the rope over his head. Duncan struggled even more to free himself from whatever was holding him back.

Wren was crying even more now.

"Please, leave us alone." Wren said through sobs.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. Now Mrs. Kendall please release Duncan." Miss Drake says and Duncan was finally able to stand. Duncan did not hesitate befire running up onto the stage. "Duncan don't try anything stupid, remember I can pull that chair out from underneath dear Sammy at any moment."

Duncan stopped in his tracks and looked at Sammy. Sammy had a blank expression, he didn't know what he was doing, it was obviously some sort of mind control. But one thing made Duncan believe different. Sammy was still clutching his half eaten biscuit and his other hand was frantically tapping his thigh. Tap Tap, Pause Tap Pause, Pause, Tap Pause, Tap, Pause, Tap, Pause Tap Pause.

It didn't take Duncan long to realize what Sammy was doing... He was using morse code. Each tap was one dot and each pause was one dash. Duncan's mom had taught him morse code in case of emergencies when he was little.

Sammy kept repeating the same motions. Duncan finally spelled out what Sammy was saying.

Two Taps was the letter I. Tap Pause was the letter M. Tap Pause Tap was the letter O. Pause Tap Pause was the letter K. And finally he spelled A then Y.

Duncan glanced up at Sammy and noticed him smirk.

I M  O K A Y.

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