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Iris' P.O.V
I go to where I left Johnny and Harry, he is now singing and Johnny is admiring him. I want to observe them for a little, I stand by the glass window of the studio and watch as Harry sings passionately. After Harry sings he sits by Johnny, shows him pictures on his phone, talks to him and even gave him a high five. I've never really seen Johnny bond with anyone besides me. My phone sends me a notification, and I look and see that it's Andy.

Andy: if you drop off Johnny make sure you take him to Tyler's house

Me: ok I'm dropping him off in about an hour or so

The day has went by so fast here at the music studio, it's already almost time for me to go to Ted's. I take about an hour or so to get ready, so I better get going now. I'd hate to ruin Johnny's fun, but I really have to go. Plus Harry is annoying the heck out of me, looking at his face and remembering how he tried to act all 'nice' to that old devil not even a man last night pisses me off. I walk inside the recording studio without knocking, and take Johnny's hand, to my shock he refuses to let me take him out of the studio.

"No Iris", He tells me.

"Johnny we really have to go", I say not opening my mouth.

"No!" He refuses.

"Johnny don't cry, stop", I warn.

"What's wrong?" Harry asks looking at Johnny.

"Nothing that concerns you", I say looking straight into his emerald eyes.

"Harry", Johnny says and points to him.

"You want to stay with Harry?" I say with an unplanned surprised tone.

"Yes Harry", Johnny smiles.

"Guess it's my business now", Harry smirks placing his long hair to the side as he walks past me.

"It's still not your business!" I scream.

"Come on Johnny let's go!" I say pulling his hand as he cries.

"Johnny stop we have to go!" I explain as we make our way to the car.

"Can you leave him alone?" Harry says following me.

"Listen you obviously think you're better than me. He's my step brother and I think I know him way better than you", I say angrily.

"I don't mean to offend you but I'm pretty sure I know we're your going",He smirks.

"Where smart one?" I say crossing my hands.

"Oh please don't act innocent I see you there every single day", He says yet again ruffling his hair.

"My life is nothing that concerns you and keep your eyes to yourself", I spit out and leave.

Who does he think he is? Honestly, what the heck? 'I know where you're going', please shut up gosh. His words eco in my mind, nonstop as I drive Johnny to be with Andy. I feel horrible for doing this to him, but then again, I'm doing this strong act for him as well. I hope to God Harry is not there today, I've seen his face enough today. I never would've thought he was the musician my dad was talking about.

Once I'm at Ted's I hear the loud music playing from outside. I slowly make my way inside, and go right to the bar. Honestly I don't feel like dancing, and I can't get drunk, so I don't do much here besides be present. I order a drink wave it around in my hands, and never drink it. No one notices, so it's no big deal.

"Looks like I did know where you were coming", Harry says giving a fake smile.

"Can you please stop?" I ask furrowing my eyebrows.

"Can you stop being rude as could be?" He asks easing his eyebrows.

"You need to shut up!" I scream getting up and looking deep into his eyes.

I must admit they are quite beautiful.

"You're on your tippy toes", He smirks raising his eyebrows.

"And that means?" I question.

"Oh stop fouling yourself", He says with a one eyebrow up and one down.

"Your the only foolish thing I see here", I say poking my index finger into his chest.

"Than you better start looking around", He says crossing his arms.

"I would but unlike you I mind my business", I say giving him a sarcastic smile.

"Oh forgot to tell you your dad, Johnny and I are going out tomorrow", He says making his eyes big.

"Why? Who said that?" I ask harsher than I had thought.

"Johnny wanted to go out with me and your father wanted to discuss business so he thought of that idea, well I thought of being Johnny", He remarks.

"Stop giving him pity and he has school tomorrow", I say rolling my eyes.

"He doesn't need pity and I'm sure he's not going to be spending the whole day at school", Harry adds.

"Oh shut up keep this act to yourself, don't you have girls to mess around with!" I say with lots of anger.

I'm not one hundred percent sure of this, but if Harry is putting in all this effort to see Johnny he must have had fun with him.

I don't know

"I'll see you later", He says with a teasing smile and wave as he leaves.

I get so angry, I just decide to leave. Harry only saw me a few times and acts like he knows me so well. I need him to stop, it's really annoying me. I can't be rude to him around Johnny, so it's making things quite hard. I loved the fact that Johnny made a friend and laughed with someone who wasn't me, but I just can't let him get attached to Harry or anyone else when they could leave him........ just like my mom left me.

Harry's P.O.V
That girl is absolutely impossible, if I'm being nice it's because I'm giving him 'pity', that's absolutely horrible that she thinks of me like that. She's stubborn as could be, doesn't like to face her mistakes. Why can't I just be a good guy to her? Why am I even thinking about her? This is all odd. Johnny is quite a great lad though, I'm able to be me around him. Johnny is fun, and I could tell her loves Iris. The look on her face when he said he wanted to stay with me makes burst into laughter every time I remember it. I would love to spend time with Johnny, but she's never going to be a good human and let me.

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