♡Girlfriend ~ Request♡

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You snuck up to the secluded flat, trying your best to keep yourself hidden from any potential spies. Once you were convinced that the coast was clear, you knocked at the front door - three times, as you always did.

Shuffling could be heard from inside the flat before the door opened - revealing your secret lover, Michael Jackson. Now, despite the fact that you had already had a boyfriend, you were deeply involved with Michael.

After all, he was the most charming man one could ever come across in a lifetime. The relationship with him was special. Moments together were always stolen, and hiding from the media was always a task.

Michael smiled when he saw you, taking your hand and pulling you into the flat. He shut the door, and pinned you gently against it. His face was ever so close to yours, and you felt yourself go weak at the knees.

"I'm gonna tell your boyfriend," he whispered, teasing you with his eyes. "Tell him...exactly what we're doing," he brought his right hand to run up and down your waist. "Tell him...what you do to me, late at night - when the wind is free," he continued to stare at you with intense eyes.

You could feel his warm body against yours, sending you into an emotional overdrive. His fingers were the brushes, and your body was the canvas.

Your breathing began to become a little more choppy.

"I'm gonna show your boyfriend, (Y/N)," he whispered, a small smirk rising to his cheeks. "Show him the letters I've been saving....show him how you feel inside, and how love could not be denied," he brought his other hand to brush a few strands of hair behind your ear. "We'll have to tell him, that you'll only be a girlfriend of mine," he let out a sigh. "Because...you belong to me, and me alone," he chuckled a little as you blushed.

"We'll need...." you trailed off, attempting to catch your breath. This man had an inexplicable effect on you. "Talk about it," you whispered.

"We'll talk about it later," he brought his long index finger to rest against your lips. "But for now, I have something else in mind," he winked.

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