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I'm so sorry!
There will be a part two!


Once upon a time, there lived a man named Michael. Michael Jackson, to be more precise.

And he was no ordinary man, no - in fact, he was - what one would call, an alien. For centuries, he had been on planet Earth, and one day - he was to return to his home planet.

Where he had originated from, I shall keep a secret. After all, I must keep some of the mystery alive.

Now, being a creature like Michael - was far from easy. He had to keep up with the changing times, adapting every so often. For a good forty five years, he was a famous pop star - amassing millions of admirers around the world.

When he had grown tired of the aforementioned lifestyle, he committed pseudocide - and retreated to a small town, where he lived in disguise - his true identity, hidden from all.

Whilst in disguise, he worked as a teacher - mainly because he loved, and adored children. He was an angel, an angel without wings. It wasn't hard to love him, and once somebody fell in love with him - it was both a blessing and a curse, for getting over such a man, was not an easy task.

His smarts, and special powers, were what got him around - they helped him survive on a planet like ours.

And yes, whilst on earth, he had fallen madly in love with a young girl. They had shared everything. From interests, to hearts - everything. However, since this young lady was a mere human, she had grown old - and passed on, leaving Michael on his own.

But, he believed that she would return, that she would be reincarnated. That was all he could hold on to, the belief that her soul would return to him.

Michael could do everything - and quite literally. He could read minds, move objects through psychokinesis, time travel - you name it. But he couldn't bring back his past love - only fate could do that.

Now, let me tell you a little about Ronna Alexandria Villamor. This young lady was eighteen years old, and she was the brightest girl anyone could have ever have possibly imagined to meet. She was classy, fun loving, generous, and kind - the epitome of a grounded female. Her childish, and pure nature was complemented by her beautiful appearance.

She was opinionated and strong - she was perfect.

And the best thing about her? She was in Michael's class.

The magic isn't over, and the fun has just begun.

This one was an idea from LegendaryApplehaed
There will definitely be a part two!
I know I didn't do so well, I'm so sorry.
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