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Kehlani's POV :
"Hurry kehlani , it's your first day of senior year bitch " Dad said from outside of my room banging on my door.
"Thanks dad " I said rolling my eyes.
Yea so that was my dad, not the nicest person anyways ....
I got up and brushed my teeth and all that morning routine.
I put this kaki pants and cropped black and white shirt with my signature leather jacket and comebacks boots .( pic up above and yes that's you if you didn't see the cast chapter )
I get a call from Lukas
"Wassup luke?" I said picking up.
"I'm here , get your cute ass out here" he laughed
"I'm coming , I'm coming " I said and hung up.
I breathed in and out nervously, hopefully i can leave with out seeing dad.
I walked out and went down the hall way to the stair case and pass the kitchen but my dad saw me. Fuck.
"Lani , get your ass in here " my dad hollered and there the devil himself wearing his CEO business suit standing next to my poor mother.
"What?" I asked unamused.
"Where the hell are you going? I'm giving you a ride "he asked
"No your not , Lukas is . Now can I go I'm going to be late " I said bluntly
"It's 7:30 , school doesn't start until 8 dumb ass" he said getting closer
"Then ima be late to being early " I said snarky .
Then boom , he struck me in the jaw . For sure leaving a bruise .
Not gonna lie of course it hurts , but I'm pretty use to it so I didn't fall.
I inhaled with my eyes closed and looked at him .
"Don't ever talk to me like that , you need to respect your parents, you stupid bitch. Do you hear me?" He said angerly
I looked at mother , who was to scared to say anything .
"Real man you married mom " I said and rushed to the door , running to the car telling Lukas to hurry up and drive.
"What was the ru- kehlani ! What did that bastard do ?!" Lukas said pissed off seeing the bruise on my jaw.
"The usual , don't worry about it Lukas . One more year and I'm out of their and straight to college " I smiled thinking .
"I don't know how my mom and dad can be best friends with a piece of shit like him. " he said shaking his head .
"Well he does put up a good front , but hey if our parent weren't best friend . I would've never got to meet you ." I nudged him .
"Awe stop your making me blush cold stone " he laughed
"My bad brown , speaking of isn't their another brown missing?" I asked
"Oh she wanted to go in school early to talk about her schedule" he explained
"Oh ok, well come on let's pick up Jessie and get drunk off coffee and stuffed on breakfast food" I groaned
"You don't need to tell me twice " he laughed and went faster.

"Oh look we're all next to each other " I said as our lockers were all close to eachother .
"Ella whats your first period ? " I asked
"Oh I can remember that one for sure , we have home room with the new and may I add really hot teacher . Mr.Dolan and yum."she said squealing .
I rolled my eyes.
"Well anyways lets miss a little , I need a smoke for a bit " I suggested.
"Yea ok , but not to late I still wanna see him" she said biting her lip.
"Okay thirsty lets go" I said rolling my eyes.
We went to the field of the school and sat under the benches lighting up a blunt.
This is exactly what I need.

"How much have we missed already ?" I asked
"Ten minutes " she said calmly
"Ok let's go " I said and helped her up.
"Ugh I have the munchies now"she whined
"Come on will stop by the vending machine " I laughed

"Okay so what class is this again ?"I asked her
"Umm English and his name is Mr. daddy - I mean Dolan"she giggled
I shook my head and looked at my schedule.
"I have him for two classes , how can a teacher teach two subjects" I said knowing that made no sense
"I don't know , but we're here so let's sneak in quietly "she giggled
"Yea ok like that's gonna happen giggles " I said I laughed rolling my eyes.

We went in and try to sneak in the back of the class but Mr.dolan saw us and may I say woah , his not bad looking.
"What are y'alls name?" He asked as now the whole class looks at us. Sorry I have to be an ass to you handsome , but it's my reputation.
"Coldstone and brown , now if you don't mind we'll sit down , you'll teach and we'll pretend like we're listening " I said pointing and me and Ella , in a sarcastically tone as everyone chuckled.
"Detention for you Coldstone "he said sternly with a slight smirk.

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