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The television screen was alight as you munched on several pieces of popcorn. You laid snugly in Michael's arms, the two of you, settled splendidly on the leather sofa.

Michael, your loving husband, chuckled when you hid your face with your hands - attempting to conceal your eyes from the gruesome movie scene that had just unfolded.

After the scene had ended, you brought your hand to rub your seven month old pregnant belly.

"If it scares you so much, we can just switch it off," Michael whispered into your ear. After all, he had chosen the movie - not you.

"Relax," you turned your head to look at him. "I'm a tough cookie," you grinned.

"Oh, that, you are," he laughed, kissing you softly on the lips. When the two of you pulled away, he gently moved you off of him so that he could stand up.  "I'll get us some more popcorn,"

You sighed and grabbed the remote, pausing the movie.

"I'll come with you,"

You stood up and began to walk behind Michael as he led the way. You made your way toward the kitchen counter, leaning forward on your elbows as you watched Michael refill the empty bowl that he had taken with him.

"Hm," you mumbled to yourself, straightening up and setting your left hand over your baby bump. "He's a big one," you smiled as you felt the baby kick.

"Yeah, I noticed that," Michael turned to look at you. "He takes after me," he winked.

"Lol," you rolled your eyes playfully. "You're skinny. I'm bigger than you,"

Michael bit his lip and shook his head. "I was referring to something else,"

It took a moment for you to realize before the two of you burst into laughter. Suddenly, you felt a sharp pain in your lower back.

You widened your eyes and froze.

"Baby, what's wrong?" he frowned, setting the bowl down and rushing toward you. As if on cue, you bent backwards before falling to your knees.

"(Y/N)!" Michael ran up to you, catching you in his arms. "Oh God, we need to get you to a hospital,"

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