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"AN EXPLOSION HAS OCCURRED AT AN ABANDONED SCIENCE FACILITY TODAY, BUT THERE APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN CASUALTIES AMONGST THE RUBBLE," The News Reporter spoke as she stood in front of the smoking wreck of the mentioned lab. All of the Avengers stood in a meeting hall, each of them staring at the tv with intense focus. They had gone a few months without an incident with strange terms, and now there had been this explosion. None of them knew what to think of it, seeing as there were no reported signs of what had caused the fire. "The policemen and fire departments in the area are currently undergoing an investigation about what had caused the fire, but there are currently no leads. If you have any information regarding the situation, please call the number at the bottom of the screen."

Tony was the one to switch off the television, a sigh leaving his lips as he glanced over all of the other Avengers. The crowded room all let out a collective sigh, everyone having their own thoughts about the news report that they had just watched. A few of the Avengers shared a certain viewpoint, but not all of them shared that. Vision was running various equations in an attempt to piece together what had happened at the lab, but he failed.

"So, am I the only one wondering what the Hell is going wrong in the world right now?" Tony questioned them, and Grayson Steele inhaled deeply as she shook her head at her boyfriend's remark. The billionaire's eyes glanced over everyone in the room before they met with Steve's. "Do you have anything to say about this, Steve?"

"Honestly, with everything that has happened in the past, I'm not so surprised," Steve replied to his co-worker with a simple shrug. He turned his chin to meet the gaze of his sister, before looking back at Tony. "We've seen enough to know that anything is possible."

"But who would blow up a lab of that proportion?" Bruce chimed in, standing up from his seat as he glanced over everyone. "What would be the benefit of it? What would it mean to that person if that specific lab was to be blown up in the way that it was?"

"What if it was a branch of HYDRA?" Grayson questioned as she quirked an eyebrow. "I mean, they're not too shy to stay hidden for too long. We all should've expected this kind of thing. Maybe they started experimenting again?"

"No, I don't think this is HYDRA," Fawn stated with a heavy sigh, which made everyone turn to face the shapeshifter. She rolled her eyes as she sat up from her slouching position, glancing over her family. "Look, let's really think about the possibilities of this being HYDRA, okay? If the explosion was caused by one of their subjects, HYDRA would've already taken care of them before the match could be lit. And if it was HYDRA attempting to clean something up, they wouldn't cause such a scene. It has to be a rogue organization that specializes in human experimentation. They're taking a play out of HYDRA's playbook, that's it."

"Fawn has a point," Charlotte chimed in, giving her brother a look. The two siblings glanced at each other before Charlotte shook her head. "Think about it, even when HYDRA worked in the beginning, they were quiet about their more important things. Like me, like what they did to Bucky," The blonde haired woman glanced at her husband, then to the team. "We need to treat this as a different organization and not HYDRA."

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