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Your pov
I was in my room getting ready for Finns party. I was so ready to see all my best friends. I'm just...not ready to see Millie and Noah. I was fixing my hair and putting in my earrings. I mean yes, it was just finns birthday, but I hadn't seen these people in a year. I wanted to look good. Show Noah what he's missing.
Why am I trying to impress Noah?! I have a boyfriend! That I love! I love him. Right? Right. Right? I sigh. Maybe I should just be single. Welp. Let's just see what tonight brings.

Time skip to the party brought to you by Charlie Puths gorgeoussss voice

We brought our bathing suits since Finn had a pool. Me and Asher were holding hands walking up to his door. Finn opens it. He gasps "Y/NNNNNN!!!!!!!!!" He grabs me and hugs me super tight. "Hello to you to finn!" I laugh "oh you can just put that over there" He says pointing to the present in my hand. "Thanks! Oh and happy birthday!" "Thanks!" He says and then gives Asher a bro hug. I walk in the living room. "Y/N!!" Sadie yells ad runs to give me a hug. I hug back as she whispers softly into my ear. "Thank god yur here, Taylor and Kendall aren't here yet so iv just been here with Millie." She scoffs. I chuckle. Once Taylor and Kendall were here, the IT cast were all at a meeting and said Finn could skip for his bday, we decided to get into the pool. I went upstairs with Taylor, Kendall, and Sadie. "Sooo how are you and Asher???" Sadie teases. I whip my head and look at her. "What?" They all look at me. "What happened?" Kendall's asks. I just look down. "Nothing" "seriously what happened y/n, did you guys get into a fight? Did you guys break up? Are you guys moving away? Are you guys getting married!!!!!" They all gasp and cover their mounts. "What? No! It's just that.....I kind of think Im maybe probably  still in love Noah...." all of their eyes widen. "Really?! Oh y/n. You need to tell him!" Kendall says. "Yeah I think he feels the same." Sadie says. "Ya think so"  "yea he doesn't act the the way he does with you when he's with Millie." I look up and they all nod. "Okay let's get out there there all probably wondering where we are." Taylor says, we all nod and go downstairs. We see the boys and Finn walks up to Taylor and grabs her hands "happy birthday to me" he says looking at her bathing suit. "Woah woah woah keep it PG!" Millie says laughing. "Says you" I mumble but Kendall heard so she does a quiet laugh. "What was that y/n?" Millie says crossing her arms over her bikini. "Oh nothing!" I say with a fake smile mocking her and crossing my arms. I catch Noah looking at me but then looks away when he meets my eyes. I furrow my eyebrows and look down, but as soon as I look down. A hand picks up my face a kisses my lips. I knew who it was it was Asher. I knew because he wasn't as good as Noah. I mean he was good but Noah was better. "Let's go" He says smiling.  We all run in and jump into the pool. I'm on Asher's shoulders as Kendall is on Caleb's were currently playing chicken. Kendall knocked me over and Asher went down with me. We came back up laughing. Deja vu.
Noah was sitting next to Millie under all of the fairy lights . She was just on her phone. Noah looked bored he looked over at me and I did a small smile, so did he.
The rest of the night we just ate cake, opened presents, talked, danced, and we all went home I feel asleep in the car and once we got home Asher carried me. I only know because I woke up as we walked inside the apartment. He lied me Down and lie down beside me. "Goodnight babe." He says "night." He turns around and faces the wall and goes to bed. I can't sleep so I go on Instagram and look at everyone's post

 I can't sleep so I go on Instagram and look at everyone's post

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