Brothers at War - Part 3

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Chapter 8: Training begins 

 Friday, 23rd December 2016

5 o'clock the next morning and Chase and Gerard's platoon was up and standing at attention before the drill sergeant. 15 minutes earlier a loud trumpet had sounded waking up the army base as one of the officers had raised the American flag. Chase had rolled over in his bed pulling his thin army pillow over his ears to block the noise along with the other men. Minutes later Sergeant Aisfifth had switched on the bright lights and yelled at his platoon to get up and each man that had taken more than 10 seconds to stand before their bed was made to do 50 push ups at the Sergeant's feet. When finally all the men were standing with their hands straight at their sides with eyes that were still adjusting to the light the drill sergeant ordered them to get dressed and begin their 10 mile run.

5 minutes later Chase's breath was clearly visible as he puffed hard into the dark morning as he and the rest of the platoon ran. As it was winter the sun wouldn't rise for another 2 hours and when the Drill Sergeant decided they weren't running fast enough he made then run till they saw the sunrise.  

Gerard run alongside his brother and Chase watched his brother struggle to keep up with him so he slowed down to he could talk to him. "How ya coping Ger" he said looking over to him.  

"I'm alright" he puffed  

"Sport never really was your thing in high school" 

"Yeah" He said weakly

Chase's mind then drifted back to High School he thought about how he and Gerard had been incredibly different, but inseparable as brothers. Gerard had had a band and had taught himself how to play many different instruments modeling his hero Billy Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green day. Often Ger had escaped P.E classes and exercise had never really been his thing but Chase was much sportier out of the both of them. He had captained the football team in his junior and senior year and played other sports like baseball in the summer. The twin's father, Chase Taylor Snr. had also been the captain of the football team in his senior year at the same high school 25 years earlier and like Chase had gotten a college scholarship. Chase and Gerard's father had always wanted a son to follow his image and during Chase's childhood and his teenage years he was pressured to be the best he could at football. Chase prided himself on the fact that he had made his father proud when he had gotten that scholarship for the sport that they both loved. Chase and Gerard's mother, Sarah had been a musician and that's where Ger believed he got his musical abilities. Sarah had gone to the same college as her husband and that was how they had met and fallen in love, she had been an amazing concert pianist before the boys had been born.  

Despite these differences the boys had shared their love for practical jokes and during their school years had spent many hours in detention.

Brought back to present day Chase looked over at his sweating brother and was reminded of how important it was for him to make sure the both of them returned safely. He wasn't sure how easy this was going to be of coarse because he wasn't sure what North Korea had in store for innocent American soldiers.

Chase then looked up and was relieved to see the sun rising over the trees in the distance.

They got breakfast soon after and then went back to their barracks to get dressed for the day and they soon found out that shaving was a mandatory activity every morning at that time. Shaving was very important because it was important to keep a clean appearance in the army, Sargent Aisfifth made sure that this happened. The Drill Sargent also made sure that their bed was made and everything was spotless and like every exercise, the slightest flaw would result in push - ups.

At 0800 (8 am) they began training exercises and there would be no break until lunch at 1200 (12 pm). Today the platoon was to begin training for their drill ceremony at the end of basic training. The drill training was going to teach the platoon to work together as a team and also get familiar with the proper handling of guns. At this early stage of training they of coarse would not be handling real guns but instead they would use fake guns or 'rubber ducks' as the army called them. So for the 4 hours before lunch the platoon was yelled at, intimidated and after every mistake, the entire platoon did push ups. They were taught the basics of marching, body movements, 'right face', 'left face' and finally 'at ease'. Because the Drill Sargent went through each step so quickly and spent more time punishing the recruits the platoon had a lot of trouble learning the exercise.

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