7. The Truth

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Ben woke up with Rey in his arms sleeping peacefully. He hadn't slept so well in years. He watched her as she slept and thought about how happy he was to be finally close to her, after months of time apart he had finally found her again. Would he ever be able to tell her how he truly felt? Maybe she felt the same way, after all she did come into his bed last night. But what about the pilot, from what he saw when he read her mind, she had small feelings for him. What if they had grown?

Trying not to think about it Ben slipped out of bed and left to get dressed, as he had anticipated he found a box of clothes on the sofa. He opened it up to see all of his father's old jackets, shirts and trousers. He took out a white shirt and grey jacket with dark trousers and looked at himself in the mirror. Ben looked at the man facing him and he could see his father in him.

Writing a quick note for Rey and leaving it on the kitchen he left to find his mother.

Hearing the front door close Rey woke up and got out of bed, going into the bathroom to get washed and dressed.

Once she was dressed Rey walked over to the kitchen counter to see a bite from Ben:

Gone to talk to my Mum
Training later?
Rey pocketed to note and sat at the counter with a cup of tea. "I can't believe I did that last night!" Rey said aloud. "I literally slept in the same bed as him! He probably thinks I'm strange."

Deciding to try not to think about it Rey left her apartment and walked down the corridor to the hanger bay where Poe stood repairing his X-Wing.

"Hey Poe." She said walking over to him.

Poe smiled at her putting his tools down. "Hey you okay?" He Asked wiping his hands on some cloth.

"I'm good." She said awkwardly.

The two stood in silence for a few moments.

Rey's heart was pounding as they stepped closing together, suddenly she found herself kissing him. Kissing Poe! It felt like she was kissing someone related to her, Rey quickly pulled away and opened her eyes to see Ben standing watching them. She looked at him feeling guilty as he stormed out.

"Sorry about that, I don't quite know what came over me." Rey said with a slight laugh.

"No it's okay really." Poe said laughing with her.

At that moment a tall man we blonde hair walked over to them. "Hey babe." He said to Poe leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.

Rey looked at them shocked, "Rey I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Joe."

"Oh my gosh you're gay?!" Rey exclaimed excitedly.

Poe nodded, "Yup I'm gay." He said smiling.

Rey immediately hugged him. Ah pulled away and looked Joe straight in the eye, "You hurt my best friend you die."

Noticing her lightsaber Joe immediately agreed scared for his own life.

After talking for a few minuets, Joe left to get back to work.

As Rey turned to leave Poe stopped her, "Rey I want to apologise."

"Why what's wrong?" She asked.

"I shouldn't of been such a dickhead to Ben, and if he'll let me I want a second chance."

Rey smiled at him proudly, "I'll be sure to tell him that."

"See you later Rey." Poe said turning back to his X-Wing.

"Bye!" Rey called out as she left to go and find Ben.

As she walked down the corridor Rey couldn't help but feel guilty. She had kissed Poe and Ben had seen. He must think that she was in love with Poe. She may of thought that she loved Poe but feel down she knew those feelings were platonic.
Ben stood deep in the woods in the dead of night slashing at wood with his lightsaber, and himself in the process. He sat down on a rock by the river, how could he of been so stupid? She loved Poe! Not a monster like him. Of course he had managed to fall in love with the girl who didn't love him back. He had been walking back from seeing his Mum and what did he see? Rey kissing Poe!


Ben looked up to see Rey standing next to him after hours of searching she had finally found him. She sat down next to him. "I didn't know you and Poe were together."

"Oh we aren't, Poe has a boyfriend." Rey said casually.

Ben's eyes widened and he looked at her shocked. "But I saw you two."

"No you saw me making a huge accident." Rey said playing with the grass beneath her finger tips.

"You don't love Poe?" Rey shook her head. She looked at Ben's shoulder where the shirt was bright red.

"Here let me help you with that." She said kneeling down in front of him.

Ben nodded. "I- I'm going to need you to take your shirt off." Rey said nervously. "Okay." He replied taking off his jacket and placing it onto the ground. He pulled of his shirt and dumped it next to the jacket. Rey gently moved her fingers across the wound her heart pounding.

She ripped a small piece of fabric from her shirt and wrapped it around the wound tying it gently.

"That should keep it clean until I can find some bandages." Rey said quietly. She looked up into his eyes and he stared back into hers.

"Come on, we need to train." Rey said standing up, Ben did the same and they began to walk back to the base.
Rey swung her lightsaber at Ben's their blades clashing in a fire of red and blue. Using the force, Rey found herself jumping to great heights

"It's over Ben, I have the high ground." Rey Shouted down to him.

"You underestimate my power." Ben Shouted back.

"Don't try it." Rey called out to him.

Ben leaped up to the rock where Rey was standing before being push of by Rey. He fell the short distance to the ground and burst out laughing.

"Are you okay?" Rey said jumping down.

"Yes I'm fine." He laughed, "There is clearly nothing I can teach you when it comes to duelling."

Rey sat down next to him, "When did you start training to become a Jedi." She asked as he sat up.

"I left to go to the Jedi academy when I was a young boy, but I knew a lot about the force before that, my mother would talk to me about it." Ben said picking at the grass.

"I was confused at first." Said Rey, "But I'm a fast learner and I picked everything up quite quickly."

"I don't understand the Jedi, the Jedi order is so controlling. The Sith and the Jedi are more alike than people think." Ben said almost feeling angry.

"I don't understand, how are the Jedi controlling?" Rey asked.

"Well for starters you are forbidden to have any personal relationships." Replied Ben.

"So you have to live a life without love?" Rey asked shocked.

"Yes pretty much."

"But we are the last remaining Jedi aren't we?" Rey asked.

"Yes I believe we are but there are definitely more force sensitive beings all over the galaxy." Said Ben as the stood up picking up their lightsabers.

"You ready for round two?" Rey asked igniting her lightsaber.

Ben nodded igniting his own, "Being it on."

I finally finished this chapter! I published it but then decided to completely rewrite it, sorry for the confusion!

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