2: hatred

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The next day at work was even more stressful than yesterday. Tables were demanding refunds because their food was either awful or an hour late.

"Where the hell is Charleston?" Katherine exclaimed in frustration as she tried her best to make the meals. "It's been almost two hours and he still isn't here."

I scooped up my hair and put it in a ponytail. "It's not like him. He's always here early." I tell her and she nodded in agreement.

Our manager walked in with disappointment and sadness filling his face. "Charleston is missing everyone. His wife said he never came home last night."

"He's gone?" One of the employees asked again to clarify and he nodded his head, ashamed.

"We need to stay positive so I hired a last minute chef, he'll be here in five." He informs us and leaves back to his office.

"Fantastic, I don't have to cook anymore!" Katherine jokes as she turns off the oven and throws what she made into the trash.

"Hey I would've ate that!" I giggle. The chef finally arrived and got to it quick as possible. I noticed the same order, and the same number I was about to serve to. I hesitated.

"Katherine, could you take this?"

"No- I have to stay here and help the chef. He doesn't know where everything is yet you know."

I groaned. I grabbed the plates and brought them to table four. I seen that it was him again but with another girl. "Two salads, cold and ready." I mimicked him, the lady gave me a smile in return.

I seen that his foot was rising up her dress while I gave them a fork and dressing along with their drinks. He's disgusting.

"Actually, could we both get a chocolate milkshake?" He asked me with a more demanding tone.

"Would you like whip cream on it?"

"Of course we would," he says and stares at his date; licking his lips seductively at her. I shivered, this was awkward for me me.

"I'll be right back with it." I told them and walked away to make it. After ten minutes I walked back over, seeing as they were about to leave. He took off his coat, giving it to her.

"Um, do you want these to go?"

"No. We're good, sweetheart." He smirks and stands up, putting his arm around his girl. You've got to be kidding me.

I had the milkshakes both to myself during my break. I don't care who judged me, i was emotionally damaged and the drink helped me slightly.

- - - - - - - - -

The next two or three weeks was about the same. The same man came in, but a different girl came in every time. I was starting to see that he just slept with them and most likely never talked to them again.

The girls were pretty much all alike. Gullible and quite perfect looking. Even their looks would have similarities. Black hair, slim body, big fake boobs and a beautiful face.

A couple days ago a girl slapped him as they were about to leave. I seen that he grabbed her ass and forced her out the door. I, in a way, felt bad for her. All the girls.

He's a good looking man who most likely asked them out, thinking that hot man wanted something special to happen.

But today was different. He came alone. I came by his table, giving him his usual. "No girl by your side?" I ask.

"No. But I'm hoping after tonight I will have one."

I rolled my eyes in disgust, but his eyes deeply stared into mine. They looked hungry.

"Anyways, enjoy your meal sir." I tell him and walked behind the counter. It's strange that after almost a month of him coming here everyday at night. I still have no idea who he is.

My manager walked towards me with a bright smile on his face. "Kennedy! I have some pretty cool news to share with you." He says with excitement; still smiling.

He leans down on the counter in front of me and took a seat. "I was thinking." He began to speak more, "I should give you a raise. How would you feel making $16.50 an hour?"

I raised my eyebrows and choked on my water. "Wow, you're joking are you?" I presumed.

He shook his head, shaking my arm softly. "No!  You've been working hard. I want to give you this raise." Something about it seemed off in a way, but I ignored it.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" I repeated  and he shook my hand. I look over at the man at table 4 staring at me, with anger.

After the dinner rush, the mysterious man was still here. It looked like he was waiting. He kept ordering fries after we told him he couldn't just stay here without ordering.

I got dressed back into my regular clothes, I check over at the table. He wasn't there. I shrugged my shoulders, I guess he finally left.

I walked out of the restaurant, humming happily to myself. "Hello, sweetheart." I hear a familiar voice say to me from a side. He smirked at me, and I gave him a kind smile.

"Hello, mysterious man."

"I'm mysterious?" He questions, and he smiled as if it was a compliment.

"Yeah. You always come to the restaurant, yet I don't know your name yet." I point out as he walks beside me.

"So you've been wanting to find out who I am." He states cheekily.

"I didn't say that. That's just why you're so mysterious to me."

"But do you want to know?"

I look over at him and enjoyment fills his eyes. "It would be nice." I finally say.

"My name is Jackson Fernández." He shares with me. I smirk.

"Are you Spanish?"

"My dad is, and my mom is American. So I'm both. Now tell me, what's your name sweetheart?"

"Should I trust to tell you?" His eyes danced in amusement the way I spoke to him.

"Of course." He assured me. I sighed and gave in.

"My name is Kennedy."

"That's a beautiful name. I always wondered what your name was."

I laughed. "I bet you told that to all those other ladies you slept with then ditched."

"I don't. Those were just girls I was experimenting with, finding out which I liked." He said softly. He stopped me before I was about leave up the stairs to my house.

He pulled me close to me, whispering in my ear. "You really are beautiful, sweetheart."

I shiver ran through my spin and I felt his hands reaching down to my hips. He stopped there. "Let me take you on a date." I could smell his cologne, and I loved it. His arms rested gently around me, I loved the comfort.

I broke out of this little spell he had me under. I wasn't going to be like one of those girls.
I pushed him away and shook my head.

"No thanks. I'll see you tomorrow." I smile sarcastically and left inside. I leaned against the door, breathing deeply.

Was it bad that I wanted to actually go on a date with him?

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