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Louis was chewing on his nail staring down at his phone. He had some texts from his sisters and some other friends but he couldn't find it in him to pick up his phone and reply to them. All he could focus on was how he felt right now.

Scared, lost, hopeless. He didn't want to feel any of those things but it was hard. He couldn't get the thought of Harry talking to someone he saw almost everyday. Even if the guy was straight Louis knew that Harry was charming and attractive enough to make any straight guy question their sexuality. He didn't want that. He also didn't want to be greedy or sound selfish when it came to Harry. He didn't own Harry and they weren't together. Harry had the right to talk to and go out with whoever he wanted. 

But the thought had Louis hurting inside. His insecurity was eating him alive. He wanted Zayn to come home but he was visiting his family. 

He finally picked up his phone and messaged him.

TopTommo: hiiii, harry. how are you?😊

StylishStyles: hi louis! i'm good. how are you??

TopTommo: i'm good, bored. zayn is at work. 😴😴

StylishStyles: do you want some company? i can pick you up and we could go get something to eat.

TopTommo: really?😄

StylishStyles: of course! i like spending time with you.😊

Louis knew Zayn cared about him but it was different with Harry. He was interested in Harry. His past boyfriends were awful and he just had trust issues. That was a huge part of his insecurities but he wasn't going to tell Harry any of this yet.

TopTommo: okay! that gives me time to take a shower until you get here.

StylishStyles: see you soon. 

TopTommo: can't wait!

As Harry drove he thought about Louis' thighs. He wondered if Louis was going to tell him anything today. Just the littlest thing. He didn't want Louis to feel as if he had to tell him anything but he wanted Louis to know that he could trust him.

Louis got out of his shower and changed into a new pair of boxers, a pair of blue jeans and a simple black t shirt. He ran his fingers through his hair until he was satisfied.

He made sure all the lights were off and the doors were locked before grabbing his wallet and house key. He closed the door behind him and made sure it was locked. Harry would be here any minute and he felt like waiting outside for him. It wasn't cold but it definitely wasn't warm.

Louis smiled when Harrys' car pulled up into the drive way. He stood up and walked over to the passenger seat and slid in, "Hi Harry!"

Harry smiled, "Hi, Louis. You seem cheerful today."

"Because I'm with you."

Harry couldn't ignore the butterflies in his stomach. He couldn't deny the fact he was attracted to Louis. He couldn't pretend that he didn't feel something for Louis because he did. 

NiallHorny: Bitch, i got your note. why wasn't i invited to go out to eat??😠😠

TopTommo: he just wanted to be with me shut up.😋😋

StylishStyles: lmao, niall you were asleep. i wasn't going to wake you.

NiallHorny: bitch.

Zayniac: you can hang with me and liam if you want, niall.

NiallHorny: at least someone likes me!!

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