Chapter 19.

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Today I'm taking the love of my life back home.  I'm so excited. The doctors said that she would spend a few days at home. She isn't allowed to work for a month. I have a feeling she'll try to wirk anyway so I'm gonna make sure she won't. I will stay home and take care of  Aj for a while. I opened the door. It was still early so she was still asleep. I smiled. I sat down to the chair next to her. I started stroking her golden hair. She looked so cute when she was asleep. I held her hand. She started hugging my arm and shortly after that pulled me to the bed. I laid down next to her. She hugged me tight and laid her head on my chest. I started stroking her hair again and closed my eyes. Shortly after i fell asleep as well. I woke up when i felt her move. I looked down at her and magenta met emerald once more. We just stared at each oder before slowly leaning in for a sweet passionate kiss. I felt like i was flying. It was magical. She broke away first. " When did ya get here?" She asked. " A few hours ago. I couldn't wait any longer but you kinda decided to pull me in" i said as  she blushed. I laughed. We got out of the bed and got ready to get out. We were finally home. Together.

Wow. 3 chapters in such a small amount of time. I hope you enjoyed. It was kinda short but it's still a chapter. Anyway. Have a wonderful day . Bye!

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