Learning To Love Him (boyxboy)

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"We're going to Inferno right after school, you coming, Man?" I heard Sean behind me as I walked to my locker. It was the last day of school with about only two hours of school left.

"Nah, I'm good." I said opening my locker when I reached it.

"Corey, you can't keep avoiding him. We just finished our final exams, come on." Izabella, one of my best friends, leaned against my back as I rampaged through my locker. Where was that memory stick?! I was sure I shoved it in there about three weeks ago.

"Wait, who's he avoiding?" Jason asked looking just confused as the other guys did.

"Yeah, we're all sleeping over there for a week. I know you miss Alexis, Tyler and Trent. Corey, we haven't seen them in three months." Hayley said completely ignoring Jason's question, that I was quite happy for.

We could thank school for keeping us that busy, I wasn't complaining though; the further I was from Inferno, the better.

"I'm fine, really." I said.

"Fine, go home, then. Just know that you're going to be alone with Alpha Ian and Beta Cole. Lots of training for you, Junior." I froze at Matt's words.

With there only being two years left before Sean became Alpha and I took over as Beta, those two were definitely going to kill me with training as much as they could.

"Fine, I'll come." I said quickly.

"Yay!" Izabella hugged me from behind. I chuckled.

"Why aren't you kids in classes?" Mr Taylor's voice came from behind us.

"It's our final day, Kevin -" I turned to see Mr. Taylor glare at Jason, we chuckled, "Mr. Taylor," Jason rolled his eyes, "Not even our biggest nerd is in class." Jason nudged Eric who frowned but didn't say anything.

"Fine, I'll let this slide because I'll never have to deal with you again." Mr. Taylor said frowning at Jason. I laughed.

"He wasn't that bad." I said.

"As I recall, you both decided to throw a string of firecrackers into my class last year." Mr. Taylor glared at me. Okay, that's my cue.

"I... don't seem to remember that, I should get going. Have to see my girl." I smiled turning to leave.

"Your girl? But you have a mate." I grit my teeth when Hayley said that.

"Nah, I don't recall that either." I said walking away from them.

"Wait, why haven't we met our female Beta? Who is she?" Sean called to me.

"Because there is no she. I have no mate." I called back.

Of course Hayley was right, I had found my mate. An Amarelo werewolf like Izabella (but without the weird blood), the only problem was she was a f*cking 'he'.

I didn't understand why, I wasn't gay and now, even the thought sickened me. According to Kaden, Jayden (my 'mate') was gay and I hated him for it. I never wanted to see the fag again in my life. I hated him so much and yet I had never once spoken to him. Why did I have to be mated to a f*cking guy? When I first saw him, I just left and I haven't been on Inferno territory since then.

"Hey," I smiled at Kristy as I spotted the pretty human girl I had been with for the past three days.

"Baby!" She hugged me. I tried not to sniff her too much, finding my 'mate' really messed up my sense of smell. His scent was the only one that wasn't dull and did not have something wrong with it.

My wolf definitely didn't seem to have a problem with my avoiding our 'mate'. He was just as pissed off as I was.

"Corey," a hand waved in front of my face, "You there?" She giggled. I smiled down at the beautiful blond girl and tried to ignore the part of me pulling towards Jayden.

"Yeah, what were you saying?" I asked brushing strands of her hair from her face.

"My parents are having some friends over later, you could come, if you want to." I stepped back suddenly happy that I was going to Inferno. Meet her parents? We haven't even been together for a week and, seeing as I never asked her out or anything, we weren't even together. Why would I want to meet her parents?! It's not like I planned for this relationship to last that long anyway.

"Actually, I'm going to go see some friends. I won't be back for a few weeks, their houses are very far." Inferno was within fifteen minutes running distance if you were a werewolf, about a two-and-a-half hour run if you were a human.

"Aw, really? When will you be back?" She asked.

"Probably won't... I got excepted to a university there." That was me breaking up with her. Her mouth dropped open a little.

"So you're just gonna leave?" She asked.

"Pretty much. It was nice getting to know you, I'll miss you, Kristy." I kissed her quickly before I turned and walked away.


"Izzy! Hayley!" I chuckled as Alexis literally speared both of them to the ground, if that wasn't enough, our friend Trent joined the pile and then Izabella's little cousin, Clara, did too.

"I missed you so much!" I zoned out on their yelling as I greeted Tyler before my eyes fell on the Inferno prodigy Alpha, Kaden.

I greeted him but then my nose caught hold of the one scent that made my heart skip and yet at the same time made me want to vomit. My eyes flicked by Kaden to see the reason I dreaded coming there.



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