Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 The Deathwalkers

"Harder!" ordered Ariel, jumping back as Sunburst jumped at her, claws out. Sunburst clashed down, his claws nearly ripping a twig off a branch that hung over her head.

He went to leap after her, but his claw got stuck onto a root the stuck out, making him topple over. "Try again." she told him, smiling at him like a mother would.

Celestial watched from the sidelines, his now golden pelt shined a bit in the forever starry sky. Starlight was next to him, Burn on the other side, with Ice laying next to her, washing her ears.

Every since the rouge's attacked Thunderclan, Celestial grew curious on to why they could attack mortals. He had laid the question off for a while, but it kept bugging him, "Ariel, I have a question." the brown she-cat looked to him, "Yes?"

"How come we can attack mortals?" he asked her, tilting his head to the side a bit.

"Well, Celestial, sometimes when we have a strong emotion, we can sometimes show it to the mortals, like as if we were alive. When you fought with Thunderclan, you were determined to help them, it was so strong, it actually showed in the overworld." she answered, sitting down to look at them.

Burn smiled, "So like, if we get super duper sad, it will effect the clan cats?" she said, making Ariel chuckle a bit, "That's what we call rain, it basically shows that we're sad about something." she said to the small sandy yellow she-cat.

"Oh oh oh! What if, we're really mad?" she asked, crouching down, wiggling her hindquarters as her eyes narrowing playfully. "That's when thunder and lighting comes in, Starstepper, every emotion we feel effects the clan cats in someway, either good, or bad." Ariel told her.

"Take Riverclan for example, sometimes when we feel upset for long periods of time, back when they were in the forest, it would run them off, cause of the river overflowing."

"So, you're saying, we basically hold the clans' lives in our paws?" asked Starlight, her ears perked to the conversation. "Yes, and not just us. The Deathwalkers as well." Ariel told her, before her gaze darkened.

Celestial shivered remembering the encounter with Nathaniel and Morningstar just a few days ago. Celestial still had a tiny mark on his pelt from were Nathaniel slashed at him, his sharp grey eyes piercing in the back of his head.

"We should return to practicing your front sl-"
"Howdy, Ariel."

The six spun around, seeing three cats, one a pale silver she-cat, a fluffy ginger tom, and a regal white and grey she-cat.

Ariel looked to them, glaring, "What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be in The Dark Forest?" Ariel spat, the fur on her shoulders bristled. "Ariel, sweetie, it's good to see you!" said the regal looking she-cat.

"Ivystar, why are you here?" Ariel asked, glaring at them. Celestial looked to them, a bit confused on who these cats were. "Morningstar sent me to talk to Cheetahstar and the boys, said we needed an important matter to talk about." Ivystar said, a smirk on her muzzle.

Ariel glared at her, "Fine, this way, Sunburst, Ice, you two go ahead and tell Cheetahstar, Fawnstar, and Hickorystar to be ready to have a meeting." she ordered, the two nodded, running ahead.

Starlight got up, along with Burn and Celestial, "Ariel, who are they?" asked Celestial, looking to the three new cats.

They held the scent of rotten plants and of nasty water, the sharp scent of blood rested on them too. "Celestial, Starlight, Burn, this is Ivystar, one of the three leaders of the Dark Forest." Ariel said, glaring and the other she-cat.

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