Chapter Fifteen

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"What do we do? Why isn't she doing anything other than sweeping?" Sammy asks

"It's better than her attacking us." Duncan mumbles

"Maybe this is what happens when someone is turned, they act like zombies until they turn into a vampire, or whatever Miss Drake is." Sammy says

"Well, I don't want to be here when she does turn." Duncan says and jumps off the stage with Sammy following. They were just about to leave and find Wren when they were stopped at the doorway by Miss Drake.

"Where are you going?" Miss Drake asks with a menacing grin.

"I-Um, Sammy think he has severe diarrhea." Duncan choked back a laugh and Sammy slapped his arm.

"Not really, Duncan can be a real wanker sometimes. I just got a weird dizziness feeling and I think I should go see Ms. Harts." Sammy says

"You said so yourself, you're fine. Now you two have a seat, the shows about to begin." Miss Drake says

The boys didn't know exactly what "the show" was, and something told them that they didn't want to know. And where was Wren? Susie stopped cleaning and she was now standing straight with her hands to her sides and watching them...

"Sit down boys." Miss Drake growled and her eyes... Her eyes turned to a deep shade of red that sent the boys running for two front row seats.

The boys' hearts were pounding in their chests as fear made it's way through their bones. The lights dimmed and the curtains on the stage closed and Miss Drake ran behind them. Duncan searched the room for any sign of Wren or any type of weapon. All he saw was a figure of a woman walk in and stand in front of the only exit. After watching the shape for a while Duncan finally realized that is was Mrs. Kendall their science teacher. Duncan turned to look back at Sammy who was squirming in his seat.

"What's wrong?" He whispered, not wanting the others to hear him.

"Something in my pocket is really keeping me from getting comfortable." Sammy mumbles.

"Well, take it out then." Duncan shrugs.

Sammy sighs and digs into the back pocket of his jeans and pulls out... A biscuit. Sammy grinned.

"I forgot I pocketed this." Sammy says and the curtains on the stage retracted.

Duncan gasped when he saw Wren tied to a wooden chair, unconscious and bleeding just above her eyebrow.

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