Luke's POV

I woke up pretty early. But I didn't wake up on my own, I woke up because I heard people talking. It sounded like and arguement. At like 8am? I realized that Mia isn't next to me anymore and I heard a guy's voice. Josh? No way, now frickin way.

I got out of my bed and chucked on some shorts and a t-shirt. I slid down the stair rail and almost fell on my face, but I didn't. I walked into the living room and saw Josh trying to kiss Mia. No.

Mia's POV

I woke up to knocking, no, banging on the front door. I got up and ran down the stairs. This better be important, I don't get up at 8am unless it's urgent.

"What do you want?" I asked. There was disgust clear in my voice because of who was at the door.

"I want you back and I need a chance to explain what happened last night." Josh said. I couldn't contain my laughter. He thinks he still has a chance.

"You still think you've got a chance? You don't." I said. I tried to close the door but he pushed it back open and walked in.

"Get out now or I will call the police." I threatened but he just sat down on my couch in my living room in my house.

"I'm gonna explain everything, you don't have to listen but I just need to get it off my chest." Josh said. God he really doesn't know how to take no for an answer.

"So when we met at the grocery store, I needed to leave to meet my girlfriend somewhere." he had a girlfriend? "That day we broke up and after that, I called you to ask you on a date. I admit you were kind of a rebound, but I really liked you. But I still loved Natalie. So about a week after I asked you to be my girlfriend, Natalie said she wanted me back and I couldn't give up the chance to have the girl I loved back. So everyday after that I have been cheating on you. I am so truly sorry, but I realized that I don't love Natalie, Iove you Mia. I broke up with Natalie after the party. I love you." Josh said and I nearly fainted from what he just said. He loves me? No he doesn't, Luke loves me. Josh just wants to use me.

"Get out Josh." I said and he stood up and I did too. I walked him to the door and he was about to walk outside and he turned around and pushed me against the door. He was trying to kiss me but I kept moving. He was too strong, I couldn't get out of his grip. 

"Stop! No, let me go!" I pleaded with Josh to get off me but he kept trying to kiss me. Just as I was about to give up, I heard someone on the stairs, then I saw Luke. He's gonna save me from Josh, again. I love him so much.

"GET OFF OF HER!!!" Luke yelled when he saw what was going on. Josh didn't stop. He smirked at Luke and smashed his lips against mine.

After about five seconds of unwanted kissing, Josh was ripped away from me. I looked to the floor and saw Luke on top of Josh punching him repeatedly. Then Josh was on top of Luke punching him and at the sight of blood, I snapped. I tore Josh off of Luke and when Josh was standing right in front of me, I punched him right in the face. It looked like it hurt him, but how I'm not even a little strong. Oh I punched him with my fist that had rings on it. Josh fell back onto the floor and his nose was bleeding and Luke gave him a bruised cheek. He will have a black eye in a few hours.

Luke got up off the floor and pushed Josh out the door. After he was out and the door was closed, Luke locked it to make sure Josh didn't come back in.

"Are you okay babe?" Luke asked. Am I okay? He's the one with the bloody nose. And oh my god he called me 'babe'!

"Yea I'm fine. Come with me, I need to fix you." I said. I took Luke upstairs to the bathroom. He jumped onto the counter and I got a wet cloth.

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