study tips

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Take notebooks 📓 to right down
extra notes maybe things that you
don't understand so you could search it up
after school etc. Try to take a neat notes 📝
Buy a planner to write down all the subjects you have to do .
Turn off the phone 📱 or or far away from your desk
Do a flash cards ,
Make sure what you have to study 📖
Ask to the teacher if you don't understand the topic
Take breaks 20 minutes
Don't just repeat what you have to study but really try
To understand what you repeat okay 👌🏾? Because it can be much easier to remember
Drink water 💦!!!!
Some people remember things when they write down so you can try it .
Don't study in GROUPS - because it's can be difficult to stay focus on the subject to study .
Try to study every day

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