Liam Hemsworth (Part One)

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Inspired by Short called Drawn Out

One Shot: You lie to protect him

Y/N Pov

"Listen Liam I can't talk to you right now" you whispered into your phone, as you walked down the street.

"Please Y/N, I just need your help-" he sighed.

"My help Liam? Have you lost your mind?! I can't help you let alone even speak to you, unless you want me to get in trouble" you hissed.

"Look I know how bad it may sound but I just need your help please, I'm begging you Y/N. I need to leave town for a couple of days with my little brother and I need just a bit more cash to get us out of here" your heart constricted at the mention of his little brother.

"I need to go Liam" you replied softly before cutting the line.

You stared down at your phone for a few minutes longer before tucking it away in your back pocket.

Liam was in major trouble. After word had gotten around that he had critically injured your boss's younger brother, who was currently fighting for his life, Liam knew he had to leave town. You knew better then to get mixed into all of this, but at the same time you wanted to help Liam. You guys had a thing in the past back when he was still somewhat responsible but after a huge fight that had left you completely heart broken, you decided to call it quits.

You only considered helping Liam only because of his nine year old brother Tim, who was the sweetest kid you had ever met.

You picked up your phone from your pocket, quickly answering it when you noticed your boss's name flash across the screen.

"Hey Omar..." you greeted nervously.

"Babygirl" he rasped with an annoyed undertone. "where are you right now?" He asked.

"I'm by the shops a few blocks from my apartment-" you answered quickly.

"Meet me opposite Nines" he ordered before cutting the line.

You quickly rushed down the street towards the kebab restaurant called Nines. Spotting Omar seated in his black Audi, you hastily approached his car before entering. The smell of his cologne enveloped your senses as you took your seat, closing the door behind you.

"I called you earlier, why didn't you pick up your phone" he asked, staring straight ahead.

Your eyes landed on the gun that he had placed between the both of you.

"I-I didn't hear it Omar" you rushed out.

"Mhm" he casually rubbed his chin before glancing over at you briefly. " I'm guessing you've heard about what's happened to Mason" he coughed out. You could hear the anger in his tone of voice that had a hint of pain and sadness.

You felt sorry for him.

"I'm sorry Omar-"

"Don't" his jaw clenched tightly." You're sorry's won't do shit for my baby brother. All I can do now is find the little shit who did this to him and end him" he growled.

You stared down at your lap guiltily.

"You were close to Liam right princess?" Omar stated.

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