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Jisung scribbled boringly on his notebook, not even bothering to pay attention to his maths class, when suddenly a noise startled him.

As he hadn't seen the source of the sound, he just ignored.

But then again, the same sound. It sounded like something was hitting the window next to him.

Sighing, Jisung put his pencil down and looked outside.

At first he didn't see anything, so he went back to his scribbles.

However, the noises started getting louder and more frequent.

Embarrassed after receiving a few glances from his classmates, he looked outside again already feeling annoyed, but what he saw changed his mood in an instant.

In the school's football field stood Minho, holding a giant heart-covered poster that read "Han Jisung, can I take you out on a second date?".

Without thinking twice, Jisung placed his phone under the table to text Minho, he was way too flustered to keep looking at the older.

From: Baby boy 🐿️💗

Yes please take me on a date again but now pLEASE get that poster somewhere else

Why? You didn't like it? 😔

No! I loved it! It's just... I'm shy!

I know baby I was just teasing you 😚

Now pay attention to class, I'm picking you up at 6

Okay, see you later 💕

"Mr. Han, what's so interesting about your crotch that has you smiling so widely?"

When Jisung heard that, his eyes widened and he could feel his face redden. "Uhhh you see..."

"If it's that problem, I'm sure you wouldn't want to come to the board, right? Well, you're coming either way" she said as she held out the board pen for him.

He stood up quickly and solved the problem, obviously still very embarrassed because of the teacher's comment. And his laughing classmates weren't helping at all.

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