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Lonzo Pov

We made to the hotel Me and Jaliyah rented a room but separate because no one on the team knows that we dating.

Baby I'll see you later. I said kissing her cheek. She nod I know she still not mad cuz I called her short I'm tear her ass up.

Ight be like that Watch I got you later. I said walking away. I walked away with the guys.

Zo what you and Jaliyah gotta going on. Kyle asked. I turn and looked back at him.

Umm nothing. I said.

Then why you call her baby then kissed her cheek. He asked I shrugged and unlocked our door with the card.

I don't know I always be messing with her. I said setting my stuff down then my phone started blowing up.

Damn bro who that Denise. Kyle said. I shrugged taking my phone out my pocket only to see that Jaliyah texted me 5 times.

5iMessage form,Liyah😈💜

Liyah😈💜: Get you baby mama before I stomp her ass.

Liah😈💜: Now Lonzo

Liyah😈💜: Tell her to stop fucking Texting me idk how the fuck she got my number

Liyah😈💜: Lonzo Anderson Ball I promise you if you don't get your hoe

Liyah😈💜: I will fly back to LA if you don't call that bitch to leave me alone.

Zo💜🤤: baby chill you want me to come to your room.

Liyah😈💜: Idc what you do tell that jealous hoe to leave me alone.

Zo💜🤤: Ight babe I'll be there in like 3 mins what floor you on.

Liyah😈💜: 2


I walked up to her room to see her counting to 10 so I decided maybe if I give her this dick she might know how to act

Jaliyah Pov
I was counting to 10 because I was finna jump through the phone and kill a bitch but then I felt wet kisses on my neck and I turned to see Zo. What are u doing. I asked as he smirked and took off his shirt. Finna make love to u. he said while taking off my shirt I just layed back and watched him.

He took off my panties then I was exposed he watched me arch my back as I felt a wet substance against my clit I instantly let out a moan but covered my mouth because I didn't want anyone to hear. Nah let me hear u baby. he said as he licked up and down my clit then position his self and went to the 👅 work and I was just a moaning mess then he got a comdon and slipped it on and when he was finna put it in I almost choked. My nigga that's not gonna fit. I said rolling my neck. Girl hush and let me put this work in. he said then he put himself all the way in and bitch when I tell u it felt like heaven rocks like who blessed him with this work and of course after that bomb ass head and then strokes I went down there and thanked my boyfriend and trust me we both cummed👅😏

I was laying on Lonzo chest until his phone started ringing and it was Denise I mentally and physically rolled my eyes

Zo:yo what do u want
Denise:Zo baby
Zo:nah don't baby me nothing do I remember u were the one who cheated on me and left me at home with our child also leave Jaliyah alone because at the end of the day she is my girl and your not and with the good bye

I started laughing then kissed him because i thought that was the cutest thing ever so I hugged him and it slipped out.

Lonzo I love u. I said looking up at him.

I love u too. He said.

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