Chapter 17.

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" Guys she's waking up!"
" Rainbow ?" "Rainbow can you hear us? " 
I opened my eyes. I was on a hospital bed and surrounded by my friends. " Wha- what happened?" I asked . " Rainbow Dash! What was the last thing you remember?" Asked Twilight. I tought for a moment. " I-i remember that i fell . Then i blacked out. What happened ? "  " Try not to move so much. You're badly injured. Your brother started a big fire. We tried to help everyone and got out on time . I'm sorry. I'm sure this wasn't the marriage you were thinking of." Said Sunset. " Wait! The marriage! Applejack! Where is she? Is she ok? " The girls exchanged glances. Fluttershy sat on the chair next to me. " Rainbow Dash. Don't freak out but Applejack couldn't get out of the fire on time." She said. " What!?!?!" I shouted. " Flutter shy continued " She's ok. Well... kinda. She's... in a coma." She said. Now i was even more worried. " She might not ever wake up." Said Rarity. Then tears started steaming down my eyes. " No no no no ! NO! This all a bad dream. Now i'll wake up and everything will turn back to normal. Right? Tell me that this is just a dream! " i said . " But it's not." Said Twilight. " No! .....Just leave me alone for a while. And tell the nurse to come in in an hour. " they all nodded. I cried and cried. This was not fair. Why are all these things always happening to us? After i calmed down i waited for the nurse to come in. " You wanted to see me Mrs. Dash? " Nurse Redheart  asked. " Yes. Can i see my wife?" I asked. "I'll talk to the doctor. " she went out. After a while she came in with a wheelchair. " Just tell me if anything hurts. " i nodded. She took me to a room. " I'll leave you alone. "  As soon as she closed the door i broke down crying. I held Applejack's hand . I cried until the nurse came back to take me to my room. Days went by , i never left her side. Sometimes i would fall asleep. It was time for me to go home. I visited her every day. ( this part is based on a true event) I sang to her everyday hoping she would hear me. ( song: Say you won't let go by James Arthur( the thing is a mother sang this song to her daughter everyday when she was in a come and when she woke up she remembered it . I just think thats really sweet)) Eventually i had to go work. I took Applejack's place on the farm. I would go back to my position when she woke up. Well i hope she does.
Well that was longer than my other chapters . I hope you enjoyed. I don't have much to say. I'm just happy you didn't stop reading this book since it's kinda boring to read. Well i hope you have a wonderful day ! Bye!

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