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"He's good - working right now." She shrugged.

"Ah yes headaches of having your own business. Working weekends." Kirsten's husband is a general contractor whose business was just getting off the ground, which meant he worked a lot of hours including most weekends.

"He did tell me to let you know he hasn't forgotten about remodeling your pool house."

"Oh." My mom waved her hand "It's not even a worry. Whenever he gets a chance. No one's been in that pool house in so long."

"We got you Mrs. L" Kirsten leaned over wrapping her arm around my mom's waist giving her a side hug.

"If you really want to make me happy come have dinner with us one night soon and bring Nate."

"Yes ma'am. Maybe Breelan can invite Chris." Kirsten flashed me an unapologetic grin.

"Are we talking about that?" My mom leaned closer to me. "I wasn't sure if it was ok to bring up?" She smiled. "By the look on your face earlier it seemed to take you by surprise....but not that much of surprise?" She looked at me questioningly.

"We kiss sometimes." I said nonchalantly picking at my very chipped manicure.

"I know." My mom grabbed a handful of napkins from the pantry.

"You know?!" My jaw dropped open as I leaned back against the kitchen counter.

"You're not very good at hiding things. Plus, we have surveillance cameras at the Moon."

Kirsten's eyes grew wide before she doubled over in laughter.

"Wait....what are you saying? Are you saying you saw me and Chris on the security cameras?!"

"Just a couple times." She opened the fridge grabbing a pitcher of tea. "When you lock up those late nights we like to keep an eye on the place."

"Did you watch last night?" I took the pitcher of tea from her hand pausing at the back door that led back out to the pool.

My mom smiled with a guilty shrug.

"Oh eww mom. Seriously?"

"Eww what?" Chris pushed through the magnetic screen door almost running into me.

Kirsten, my mom and I became straight faced and I tried to think of a response, but my mind drew a blank.

"Okaayyyy." Chris said slowly his eyes shifting from me to Kirsten to my mom.

"We need music." I suggested. I pushed past him beelining it to the outdoor cabana. My parent's backyard is nothing short of an oasis. My mom grew up in southern Florida only moving to attend college in Boston where she met my dad. Once the Sleeping Moon became as successful as it was they bought their dream home and mom insisted on having the most lavish pool they could afford. Complete with a stone firepit surrounded by adirondack chairs with comfy overstuffed padding, a hot tub waterfalling into the pool and a top of the line outdoor stereo system. They even have those cheesy speakers that look like rocks.

"Which playlist should we do?" I skimmed through the different spotify lists. "Oh." I smiled to myself, "I have the perfect one." I pushed play and moments later Disney's greatest hits blared from the speakers starting with "You're Welcome" from Moana. Chris walked up behind me.

"Really Bree?" He had a straight face but I knew he was holding back a pleased smile.

"What can I say except YOU'RE WELCOME!" I sang along with the music.

"YES!" Scott called from across the backyard.

"Disney classics?" Kirsten walked by raising an eyebrow.

"Of course. We all know Chris can't not sing along." I nudged him with my elbow before walking back to my chaise lounge feeling his eyes on me as I went.

We spent the whole afternoon and evening poolside.

"Chris I'm ready to head out." Scott grabbed his towel wrapping it around his waist.

Chris looked at me. "I'm not ready yet."

"I'll give you a ride home." Kirsten offered. "I gotta get home anyway."

Kirsten and Scott left 5 minutes later, my parents had gone to the Sleeping Moon for a few hours so it left Chris and I alone.

Chris wasted no time pulling me into his arms minutes after Scott and Kirsten were gone.

"Hi." He said his voice husky as he drew back.

"Hi." I repeated staring into his striking limpid blue eyes. His eyelashes were long and dark against his cheek.

He leaned down kissing me again and I all but melted into his arms.

"Let's go to the pool house." His breath was warm against my neck.

Once in the pool house I practically pounced on him. Running my hands over his chest I inhaled sharply when his hands slid down my back over my butt.

"Wait." I said breathlessly.

"What's wrong?" He stopped his forehead resting on mine his eyes fully attentive.

"What are we doing?"

"Making out?" He blinked then shifted pulling me closer to him, my body completely pressed against his and I struggled to steady my breathing.

"I like making out with you, I just don't think I can keep doing it." I pushed back from him desperate for space.


"Well aren't we to old for this? I don't want to be your make out buddy anymore."

"Ok." He said simply.

"Oh....ok." I said softly my eyes looking away from him.

"I want to take you out. Like on a proper date."

"What?" My heart slammed into my chest.

"Bree I like you. A LOT. You deserve so much more than making out in your parent's pool house." He laughed as he said it.

"You want to take me out? Why me?"

"Why not you? Bree you are the whole package. I'm kind of crazy about you."

"You are?" I couldn't make myself look at him as I took in this new information.

"I am." He said softly. Lifting his hand he used his finger to tilt my chin forcing me to make eye contact with him. "So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?"

"Yes" I bit my lip with a smile.

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