Love is an open door.....

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A/N - Hello! Thank you to all who's reading! I'm on a complete Chris Evans kick lately. So if you have any good fanfics staring him send them my way! This chapter is on the long side. I'm kind of just writing and seeing what happens. Thanks again for reading!! ;)

"Hey hey the fun has arrived!" Kirsten, always making a grand entrance, grinned as she entered my parent's backyard. I was currently sunbathing next to Scott while Chris and my dad were in a deep discussion on what the Patriots defense needed to do this upcoming football season.

"Hey doll!" I propped myself up on my elbows.

"No one's swimming?" She peered at the pool.

"It's deathly cold." I gave Scott a dirty look who only smiled.

"That's ok. I just want some sun." Kirsten shrugged before pulling another chaise up to the other side of me and then stripping down to her bathing suit. Kirsten is a gorgeous, petite, blonde bombshell. Never a strand of hair out of place and always perfectly applied makeup even though she doesn't need it. You would think being naturally beautiful would make her a bitch but nope, she was without a doubt the sweetest girl in the world.

"Damn girl." Scott whistled. "You're lucky I'm gay."

"And you're lucky I'm married." She winked flirtatiously.

"Hey!" I frowned offended, "What about me? Why shouldn't I be lucky you're gay?"

"Because I'm pretty sure Chris has dibs on you." He lowered his voice.

I rolled my eyes.

"Ok, if it will help you sleep at night, if I weren't gay I'd be all over that." He waved his hand towards my body.

I laughed. "Hey Kir before you get comfy can you help me inside really quick?" I swung my leg over the chaise and pushed myself to a standing position.

"Sure." She followed me inside. "Ok Spill." She said once we were safely in the kitchen out of earshot range of the backyard.


"The tea." She said sarcastically. "I know you don't need any help."

"Chris totally kissed me in the pool. In front of my parents."

"Really?" She tilted her head to the side and peeked out the window at Chris. "He's never done that?"

"No, never. I mean we only kiss when it's the 2 of us and maybe a couple drinks deep. Saying it out loud sounds extremely bad." I cringed.

"Maybe he has feelings for you."

"Doubt it. He could have anyone-"

"Why wouldn't he choose you?" Kirsten stopped me.

"Because I'm a nobody."

"Girl give yourself some credit. He would be lucky to land you. Just because he's a huge movie star doesn't make him better than you or out of your league."

"Kirsten!" My mom walked into the kitchen. "When did you get here?"

"Hey Mama Lockwood." Kirsten smiled as she gave my mom a hug. "Just walked in."

"How's your mom and Dad?"

"They're good."

"I've been meaning to call your mom and have them over for dinner. How's Nate?" My mom asked referring to Kirsten's husband of 2 years.

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