Katherine's World (Part 2 - Chapter 5)

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Author's note: Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait. But I had a bunch of school stuff. But good news: I'm on holiday! How do updates every Monday and Friday sound? Or would 3 times a week be better?

My lips were still tingling from the sensation of Jake's lips. It was as if I had taken a sip of something warm and soft and bubbly, and even though the cup had left my hand a long time ago my mouth was still savouring it's sweetness. What was so different between kissing my pillow and kissing Jake? Why did the same action set off literal fireworks in my mouth only when it was done with someone else? Only when it was done with him?

I wasn't embarrassed by his grand display of affection in front of everyone. On the contrary. Afterwards, I walked with my head straight up not even wondering for a second if I looked like a make-up disaster, cause if Jake thought my made-up face was good enough to even be kissed by him then it was sure as hell it was good enough to be seen by everyone else.

The rest of the scene passed by in a sugary daze, and for the first time on set I didn't have to act, I wasn't pretending to be Megan nervous to be having her first kiss, I was actually being Katherine excited to kiss Jake Turner again and again and again.

If Mondays through Saturdays were made purely for obsessing madly and longingly over Jake Turner  then Sundays were made for doing it with someone else, namely Sandira.

Sandira had been my best friend since we were still figuring out how to form full sentences in day care. She lived in a peach house on Roland Drive and just like it's orange hue stuck out like a nectarine castle amongst the sea of white house's so did Sandira's personality amongst every person she met, even if she had to force their vision.

As I walked in, I found the door had been left wide open as usual, and was greeted with the scent of Jasmine. Her mom was always experimenting with different scented candles, last week I had been greeted by the sweet smell of strawberries and the week before that, cinnamon, she was diligent in making sure that anyone's first impression of her home was a good one. That showed in the DIY gold centrepiece on the coffee table, the purple scrapbooked memory collage that spanned decades and I'm sure had spanned weekends in making and it showed in wavy henna dyed auburn hair that swished to and fro against a canvas of deep brown skin when Sandira walked across the room to greet me or something akin to that. She plopped down on the couch , begin to scroll through her phone and with both of her brown eyes focused on it said cooly"Did you read that article I sent to you?". Any other person would have thought she was sending a voice note to someone else but I knew from experience that she was talking to me .

"The one on horoscope dressing?" I answered. As obliged as I felt to read that article I had no intention of only buying clothes if I felt they held the "aura" of Capricorn.

"No, no" she answered brushing her screen down furiously, no doubt reading the soliloquy of whichever love sick guy she was tormenting this week . "The other one".

I paused for a moment. "Ohhhh" I said " the one on 'finally taming' curly hair? Yeah, thanks for that" I said brushing a hand through my hair. At this she finally looked up at me, or more specifically at my hair, seeing the mass of curls her head went apathetically straight back down. That's the thing about Sandira, she went with trends, what you were or weren't supposed to do, say or wear. I on the other hand couldn't be bothered to change myself every season according to what some arb, probably male, magazine editor decided was cool about me or not. I wasn't gonna heat damage my hair just to please someone else's eye.

The beginnings of our visits always went more or less like this. A suggestion and then Sadira would as she was doing now turn on the tv and we would binge watch something she'd recorded for the past week. I sat down on the purple sofa next to her and begin to sit through five hours of The Vampire Diaries. Sandira hitting pause every ten minutes so she could launch into a 2-minute criticism of the personality of every character that wasn't hot. This is why I hung out with Sandira, despite her thinly veiled criticisms of me she was funny, and when I was at her house on Sundays she made me forget.

Though on this Sunday in particular there wasn't much I wanted to forget. It had been my first few days with Jake. Three days to be precise and I felt exactly as light as a toddler. Everything I did now seemed to be tainted with a magic I hadn't been able to see before. After all, now someone loved me.

"So I have something to tell you..." I said after the credits began to role down after the first episode.

"Huh? What?" said Sandira cocking her eyebrow suspiciously and upping her gaze from her phone. I never said I had news. The last exciting thing I'd told her was that I'd landed the sitcom and that was over two years ago.

"Well" I said, showing all my teeth unable to contain my glee "I kind of have a boyfriend now".

"Whaaaaat??" Sandira screamed, her bedazzled phone case bouncing out of her hands and onto the sofa.

I kept smiling. Sandira' reaction was a bonus I hadn't been expecting.

"When did this happen?'" She shouted, now standing up, abandoning all pretense of looking cool.

"A couple of days ago".

"And......?" She said practically bouncing on her feet. Who is he?"

"Jake Turner".

Sandira's jaw dropped. And I could just guess the acrobatics that were going on in her mind. I was honestly scared her eyes might just pop out of their sockets.

"Oh. My. God" she finally said. "Thee Jake Turner!You know he was in Seventeen Magazine's twenty hottest guys last year?. Katherine" she said finally, a look of confusion erupting on her face " how on earth did you land him!"

I felt a tiny shock of hurt go through my hurt. Yeah, I thought I was lucky to land him too. But you kind of hope your friends see only the best in you and would understand why anyone, even Prince Harry would choose you over everybody else.

"I dunno" I responded softly "I guess I was just lucky".

"Right!" she said picking up the remote again "You lucky bitch!" By now Sandira had begun to rant about the degrees of hotness of Jake Turner and even though I pretended to listen a little bit of my heart was still stuck on the fact that even my best friend in the world didn't think I deserved Jake Turner.

 Author's Note:  Hey guys! I hope you liked this chapter. If you did don't forget to vote. Comment below what you think of Sandira ! Have you ever had a friend like her?

 Comment below what you think of Sandira ! Have you ever had a friend like her?

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